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The Strategic Tourism Plan for Rome 2019> 2025

Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025

The results of FUTOUROMA were presented at the “La Nuvola” Convention Center, the participatory and shared path for defining the new Strategic Tourism Plan for Rome 2019> 2025, which arises from the will to govern and manage the tourism phenomenon, defining the activities each subject, both public or private, must accomplish.

Started this year in June with the Town Meeting - where ideas and proposals were voted by 150 representatives of the capitoline production chain, including 50% entrepreneurs, balanced by representatives of the public, representatives of trade associations, of the academic world and non-profit - the processing of the plan places as a priority, for the first time for Roma Capitale, the shared definition of strategies to strengthen the position of the city among the top 3 European destinations and among the top 15 worldwide, managing tourist flows without passively undergoing them and tracing optimal ways of using and promoting the capitoline tourist offer, which are sustainable in a social, environmental and economic key, and which are capable of transforming the image and positioning of Rome in the international tourism context: from tourist city visited only in relation to its past and its inestimable artistic heritage, to an attractive city even as an international metropolis, multifaceted, active and looking to the future.

The Plan starts from the need to adjust the tourist offer of the Capital to higher quality standards, to avoid overtourism, generate profitability in a sustainable way, ensure the sustainability of the city's tangible and intangible heritage, conciliate the needs of visitors and residents, increase the perception of Rome in the world not only as a city of art, but as a living, innovative and creative metropolis, which inspires and generates emotions.

From these premises, the key points to be developed with actions and programs have been stated:

Attractiveness - Accessibility - Competitiveness - Management and innovation - Sustainability and inclusion - Incoming and hospitality - Intelligence and data - Awareness - Governance and financing - Training and professionalisation.

Among the planned actions, the offical presentation of the “Stamp Made in Rome” which will certify the quality of the offer of accommodation and catering activities, but also of tourist hospitality in general, the establishment of a Tourist Police task force to counteract the phenomenon of illegal accommodation and the establishment of a Destination Management Organisation (D.M.O.), an operational arm with mixed public-private participation, for the cooperation of all sector stakeholders.

The Strategic Tourism Plan for Rome 2019> 2025 is the result of a long work begun with the analysis of the state of the art. Through the direction of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Labour of Roma Capitale and the organisation of Zétema Progetto Cultura, the players have developed intervention strategies inspired by a model capable of making Rome the most appealing international tourist destination. Foreign markets, which registered a 70% internationalisation rate, are a priority, as is marketing through Convention Bureau models.

The strategic targets  identified by the drafting of the plan are divided into two directions: the Management and Marketing of the destination. Translated, it means maintaining the attractiveness of the destination, improving tourist use in space and time, increasing the quality of the experience of its visitors and the quality of life of residents and positioning Rome as a leader in urban tourism.

Attractiveness is the key to greater appeal: Rome is perceived in the world as the city of art par excellence, but it still has many attractions to be recognized by a market that goes beyond the cultural destination. The construction of unique events and the enhancement of services related to urban tourism will be attractors for an increasingly complete offer.

Another important element is that of Accessibility: the promotion of sustainable mobility, the implementation of multilingual tourist signage and the enhancement of the urban transport network, are three priorities which the strategic plan will move on.

The increase in investments and the coordination of the entrepreneurial fabric of the sector, in agreement with Roma Capitale, will be another fundamental key to be connected to the promotion and marketing strategies present in the plan.

The implementation of the website,, and the issue of the mobile application Discover Roma/What to do in Rome, will represent a valid compendium of the Welcome to Rome programs (targeted reception for congress participants) and Roma Pass, whose strengthening is a main goal of the plan.

The reorganization of the network of Information Points, thematic itineraries via QR code/beacons, the digital Web/Tourist information systems, Thanks for visiting Roma and Roma Concierge, or the incoming system through WhatsApp, finally close the framework of the tools provided.

Furthermore, the adoption of digital tools guarantees a constant flow of data in terms of data intelligence. Municipality and operators, through the establishment of a Tourist Observatory, will be able to make strategic decisions thanks to the monitoring of Destination Reputation, online flows and the satisfaction index.

Awareness: the target is to improve the visitor experience and ensure that locals are a fundamental part of the tourist experience. The programs will involve taxi drivers, local police and ATAC public bus company, as well as the multicultural incoming programs will involve tour operators.

Governance will be equipped with operational tools to strengthen the collaboration between public and private stakeholders, with municipal regulations and with a Municipality-Tourism sector Table which will have the professional training of the entire tourism system as its prerogative.

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Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025Presentazione del Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019 > 2025