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Inventaria - XIII edition

Inventaria - XIII edizione-Foto: sito ufficiale della compagnia DoveComeQuando

Organized by the DoveCome Quando company, under the artistic direction of Pietro Dattola, Invetaria - from the Latin invenio, to find - explores a wide range of forms and languages ​​over eleven evenings, from experimental prose to magical realism, from civil theater to clowning, from performance to storytelling and dance theatre.

The event, now in its XIII edition, has always had a widespread nature: there are in fact four theaters involved, in three districts of the capital: Teatro Lo Spazio and Teatro Basilica (San Giovanni), Teatro Trastevere (Trastevere) and Teatrosophia (Piazza Navona).

A feature of Invetaria also lies in its constantly expanding network of partners, which extended in 2023 to 28 companies in 13 regions of Italy, which guarantee a total of 37 performances and 16 days of residence up for grabs for the companies in the competition. And it is also thanks to this strength, to this response throughout the peninsula, that for the thirteenth consecutive year the event is confirmed as a totally independent, self-financed and sustainable off-theatre festival.

For the complete program visit the website:

Photo credits: courtesy of DoveCome Quando company official site


depuis 17 Mai 2023 à 15 Juin 2023
Mobile phone: 
320 0829337 - 334 7529917
Web site:

Dal 17 maggio al 15 giugno 2023

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