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The Roman Forum and Palatine become more pet-friendly

depuis 4 Avril 2023 à 31 Août 2023

Good news for those who want to visit Rome with a four-legged friend or have in the past had to give up a visit to a museum or archaeological area: although in order to preserve the beauty and fragility of the city’s artistic heritage, the majority of monuments continue in fact not to be accessible to dogs, the Colosseum Archaeological Park has now introduced an important new feature.

As of the beginning of March, it is in fact possible to access the open areas of the Roman Forum and Palatine and walk among the city’s impressive ancient vestiges in the company of one’s own dog, as long as it is small dog and weighs between 5 and 10 kg. Admission for dogs is free and there are no surcharges. However, they will not be allowed to walk freely: they must be brought in a carrier owned by visitors, where they must remain for the duration of the visit, after passing security checks. On the other hand, dog strollers are not allowed.

Inside the Archaeological Park, the entry of pets continues to be prohibited in the Colosseum, the Domus Aurea and all closed areas. In these cases you can enter with a dog only of course if in the case of a dog for pet-therapy use or as a companion in case of disability: in both cases appropriate documentation is required.

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