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Vivaldiana-Foto: sito ufficiale del Teatro Vascello

In the Vivaldiana show at the Teatro Vascello produced by Spellbound, we witness a partial reworking of Antonio Vivaldi's music, integrated with some characteristics of his unconventional personality. In fact, the choreographer Mauro Astolfi tries to translate some compositions of the great Italian musician into movement and to tell of his ability as an innovator of Baroque music.

The show inaugurated the 2019 season of the Grand Theater de Luxemburg, which commissioned and co-produced the larger two-part project Vivaldi Variations. Mauro Astolfi, collaborating with the Luxembourg choreographer Jean-Guillaume Weis studied the work and life of the musician in great detail and the two artists then staged the different approaches, creating respectively Vivaldiana and Seasons, choreographies both entrusted to the interpretation of the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet and live music by the Orchester de Chambre du Luxembourg.

The show is an international co-production between Spellbound, Les Theaters de la Ville de Luxembourg, Orchester de Chambre de Luxembourg with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg and Cult!ur Partner, c/o Norddeutsche Konzertdirektion Melsine Grevesmühl GmbH.

Photo credits: courtesy of the Teatro Vascello official site


Among the performers we remember the dancers: Maria Cossu, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita, Lorenzo Capozzi, Miriam Raffone, Anita Bonavida and Alessandro Piergentili.


depuis 6 Décembre 2022 à 11 Décembre 2022
POINT (12.460765 41.882545)
Online purchase:
Web site:

Dal 6 all'11 dicembre 2022

Dal martedì al venerdì ore 21.00
Sabato ore 19.00
Domenica ore 17.00

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Vivaldiana, Via Giacinto Carini, 78
Via Giacinto Carini, 78
41° 52' 57.162" N, 12° 27' 38.754" E

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