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Tevere Day 2022

Tevere Day 2022

Man and river have always had a very close relationship. On the river courses, civilizations flourish, and cities and businesses that feed their populations are born and grow.

One of the most emblematic examples of this link is that between Rome and its river: the Tiber.

For four years, we have been celebrating the biggest event dedicated to the Tiber with many social, sports, artistic, musical and food&wine initiatives to tell our river that we love it.

Tevere Day awaits you with a record edition that covers almost 80 kilometers of banks, from Nazzano to Fiumicino.

Tevere Day is a real open-air theater and 100-events party from morning to sunset to involve citizens of all ages.

For this IV edition, the sport has a leading role. Cycling, football, fishing, active walks, karate skating, rowing, and much more invite you to participate along the river banks and in the water.

The program may be subject to changes

Photo: Tevere Day Official Facebook page


9 Octobre 2022

Domenica 9 ottobre 2022
Tutte le informazioni e gli aggiornamenti sulla pagina Facebook della manifestazione

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