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Spirits and Gestures

The first solo exhibition in Italy of Oscar Murillo, one of the winners of the 2019 Turner Prize, is a consequence of the invitation addressed to the Colombian artist by the Memmo Foundation to visit Rome to give shape to a new body of works

The exhibition includes a series of paintings made during the months of the pandemic in La Paila, Colombia, which then merged into a site-specific installation when the artist returned to Rome. The works presented inevitably bear traces of the upheavals that characterized the last period. They convey uncertainty and a sense of instability, while also placing emphasis on the strong inequities and systematic contradictions of society on a global level. Despite this, the exhibition does not offer a direct allegorical reading but is rather a layered and enveloping experience.

Unlike most of his previous works which were saturated with blue tones, here for the first time Murillo shows a vibrant palette of red colors that enriches the paintings with a wide range of shades. Dense brushstrokes of oil color float horizontally on the surface of the work, with a reference to abstract expressionism that also alludes to the erasing force of water. The presence of red returns the idea of ​​a ferment taking place among the canvases, a force and a “sparkling” beauty beyond which we can glimpse the collapse already underway in society, but which the events of the last 18 months have led to fore.


depuis 10 Novembre 2021 à 20 Mars 2022
POINT (12.478395 41.904287)
Web site: 

From 10 November 2021 to 20 March 2022
Monday to Sunday 11.00am - 6.00pm
closed on Tuesdays

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Spirits and Gestures, Via della Fontanella Borghese, 56b
Via della Fontanella Borghese, 56b
41° 54' 15.4332" N, 12° 28' 42.222" E

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