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Things to do with kids in Rome

Amazing sights, eye-popping monuments such as the flashy Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Colosseum or the gigantic Vittoriano, and plenty of history and culture. But Rome isn’t all just museums and churches and old stuff…

Here are some tips on indoor & outdoor activities and attractions designed to inspire, educate and entertain all at once. 


Peace-themed Christmas tree in Piazza Navona
The beautiful square hosts a tree dedicated to peace set up on 9 December with decorations and crafts made by little boys and girls, accompanied by an area where kids can leave their drawings and reflections.

Japan Days Xmas Edition
On 9 and 10 December 2023
The colourful weekend dedicated to the Land of the Rising Sun returns to the spaces of Atlantico Live: 100 exhibitors, workshops, martial arts exhibitions, an area dedicated to children, an Arcade game corner and animation, Japanese food tasting and wellness area.

Christmas in Rome at the Laghetto dell'EUR
From 1 to 26 December 2023
The evocative Passeggiata del Giappone (Japan Promenade) hosts the second edition of the Christmas event where you can experience the most highly awaited festivity of the year with a market of more than 100 exhibitors of typical and vintage products, handicrafts and delicacies, Santa Claus and his North Pole "Igloo" house, a fantastic ice rink surrounded by wooden houses, among Christmas music, scenic effects and light games.

Christmas Village in Piazza Mazzini
From 1 to 30 December 2023
The square in the Delle Vittorie district hosts a typical market with wooden houses, where you can find many gift ideas, delicacies, handicrafts and Christmas products.

Christmas Market and Feast of the Befana in Piazza Navona
From 1 December 2023 to 6 January 2024
During the Christmas festivities, the historic Befana market is back. It is a true institution loved by Romans of all ages, offering typical Christmas delicacies and decorations, evocative nativity scenes, toys, lots of handicrafts and books for young and old. As per tradition, Santa Clausthe puppet theatre, and street artists await you to celebrate the most beloved feast of the year until the grand finale on Saturday, 6 January, when the Befana arrives in the splendid square to bring gifts and sweets to all the children.

Il Fantastico Castello di Babbo Natale 
Until 6 January 2024
Experience the magic of Christmas with shows, events and entertainment together with the surprising characters of the Castle, where you will discover the halls and apartments of the Lord of the Festivities, meet the charming Snow Fairy and the Toy Elves, ready to grant the wishes of all children.

Christmas World. Il Natale nel mondo 
From 1 December 2023 to 7 January 2024
Emotions, lights and shows, the magic of Christmas is back at Villa Borghese with the much-awaited Christmas event that, after last year's success, takes you on an exciting journey through live performances, parades, musicals and unmissable concerts.

Christmas at Zoomarine
From 2 December 2023 to 7 January 2024
The large Edutainment and amusement park awaits you with educational demonstrations, Christmas-themed shows, roundabouts and attractions, Santa's house and a magnificent ice rink.

Natale come nelle fiabe al Luneur Park 
From 2 December 2023 to 7 January 2024
Rome's Garden of Wonders celebrates the most anticipated time of the year with its 22 attractions, numerous shows, Santa's house and an ice rink for an enchanted Christmas beyond space and time.

Christmas at Cinecittà World
Until 7 January 2024
Rome's cinema amusement park turns into a vast Christmas Village among the decorations, lights and garlands adorning the Christmas Markets of Christmas Street in 1920s New York, the Festival of Illuminations, the House of Santa Claus, the Ice Kingdom, and the many attractions and shows.

Magic Christmas at MagicLand
Until 7 January 2024
Enjoy a unique experience with original stories, characters and atmosphere of Santa's Kingdom: incredible artistic illuminationsthemed music, Santa's Castle, an eco-friendly ice rinkparades and shows, a Christmas market and the taste of Christmas street food.

A small, all-red, electric bus that travels through time through the streets of the Capital to tell us its thousand-year history and let us admire the masterpieces of ancient Rome in 3D, from Via del Teatro di Marcello at the corner of Piazza Venezia, next to the steps of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, and taking you from the Imperial Fora to the Colosseum, from the Palatine Hill to the Circus Maximus and the Theater of Marcellus. As if by magic, its large windows will transform the majestic imperial ruins into shining places full of life, taking us on a wonderful adventure & immersive experience.

The largest Lego® exhibition in Europe arrives at The Wow Side - Shopping Centre: 1,000 square metres of space dedicated to the world's most famous bricks with seven million pieces used to create unique constructions, many of which are interactive, including educational objects, life-size figures, historical and film characters, impressive buildings, inventions, nature and the world of art and music.


The creative science hub in the Medieval Villino of Villa Torlonia reopens with a completely new project. Exhibitions and workshops for girls and boys aged 12 and up who want to discover and express their potential. Creative factories and many activities dedicated to science, technology, ingenuity, art and mathematics, including electronic music, photography, 3D printing, colour toning and much more. Among the big news is the world's first Podcast House. Info and schedule of events on the official website.

Housed inside the Museum of Roman Civilization, the Planetarium awaits you with new cutting-edge technology! Immersive experiences, appointments for all ages and real astronomical shows lead you to discover the secrets and beauty of the universe. The new Sky Explorer software allows you to “enter” and navigate the sky in any direction of space and time, admiring the Earth from afar and flying over planets, nebulae and galaxies. 

The paradise of tropical butterflies in the centre of Rome is housed in the splendid gardens of the Botanical Garden. It is a modern and bright air-conditioned marquee in which marvellous and colourful tropical butterflies and moths fly free in direct contact with visitors. It is open all year round, in a continuous change of scientific contents and different settings realised combining the species and the colours of the leaves and flowers of the splendid garden.

Explora is the first non-profit permanent museum entirely conceived for children, schools and families, open to the public since 2001. As well as being a fun place where to play, the institution aims to stimulate and challenge youngsters with age-oriented interactive exhibits and workshops based around themes such as nature, food, transport, science, and much more. In December, the museum turns into a special place to experience the magic of Christmas with a special programme, starting on Friday, 8 December and continuing on the weekends of 9 and 10, 16 and 17 December. Many creativing activities, such as the Elves' Workshop, dedicated to the realization of imaginative decorations for the Christmas holidays, the Christmas Escape, the activity to solve puzzles among clues and mysterious messages, Un mare di creatività (A sea of creativity), to invent creatures able to clean the sea with a touch of Christmas colour, and the funny treasure hunt Christmas Quiz in the green area of Explora. The museum is closed on 25 December and 1 January. More info on:

An amazing and immersive experience through the history of Rome with spectacular video projections on the walls, ceiling and floor, a great plastic of the ancient city and interactive models of some of Rome’s main attractions (Vatican, Roman Forum, Castel St Angelo etc). A short film helps understanding Rome geography and long history in a fun and engaging way. Audio-guides available in 8 languages.

A family-friendly museum for all animal fans. Innovative exhibitions, interactive displays, 3D reconstructions and guided tours engage adults and children from the age of 3 years upwards. The museum’s collections include more than five million specimens: insects, birds, mammals, fossils and mollusks from different regions of the world. The younger children will definitely be attracted to the “barrier reef” section but also to the bears, crocodiles, seals and pinnipeds. The Whale Room has a gigantic whale’s skeleton suspended from the ceiling which is really quite impressive!

Everybody knows Leonardo was a genius. He was a painter, a carver, an architect, an engineer, a mathematician, an anatomist, a musician… He invented the tank, the helicopter, the flying machine, the parachute, and the self-powered vehicle even though his inventions weren’t to be realized for centuries. In Rome, there are a few museums dedicated to Leonardo. The Museo Leonardo da Vinci, in Piazza del Popolo, is divided into thematic areas with interactive machines, drawing studies for some of his paintings, sketches of human anatomy, in-depth videos and an immersive multimedia room. Close to Piazza Navona, Palazzo della Cancelleria hosts the Mostra di Leonardo, a permanent exhibition with more than 200 designed machines, 9 animated holograms, 4 thematic showcases and 65 working models that can be touched and experienced. On Via della Conciliazione, the Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Museum has over 50 machines taken from Leonardo’s sketches, in 1:1 reproductions, over 20 life-size reproductions of Da Vinci’s most famous paintings, plus an exciting mirror room to read the genius’ coded messages.

A unique, immersive and interactive experience to explore the famed Dream Factory and find out more about the film productions that have contributed to its legend. Three large permanent sets can be toured every day with specialized guides: the monumental “Ancient Rome”, one of the largest sets in Cinecittà, built for the HBO TV series Rome; the “Temple of Jerusalem”; and “Florence in 1400”, made in 2002 and then used for different settings and eras. Also included in the visit is MIAC - Museo italiano dell’Audiovisivo e del Cinema, a huge space with hundreds of films, interactive installations, video art and multimedia experiences.

The amazing Zoo of Rome awaits you! You can purchase the entrance ticket online or on-site. Every Thursday and Friday, the appointments with animal meals return, organized by the Zookeepers, to discover the ingredients of their lunch: lemurs, 11.30 am; elephants, at 12.30 and, at 15.45, Cape penguins. From home, have fun with BIOPARCO PLAY WITH US, entering the Virtual World of the tall giraffes, the big felines and elephants, the cute chimpanzees, the reptiles, the bears, and the wolves! A colourful, interactive map, with many games, quizzes, drawing areas, activity books and masks to print, tells you the characteristics of the species hosted.

Perfect for gamers, VIGAMUS is a cool place to come to learn about the history of video games and their evolution. It’s also an amazing place to come if you want to play a selection of consoles and arcade games, from retro and vintage to the modern day. Visitors have access to 36 different stations, whose playable games are updated on a weekly basis. Another reason to come here is the VR Room where it’s possible to try modern virtual reality. 

The doors of the great Olympic Stadium are open for fans and sports enthusiasts of all ages. A tour in Italian and English, with innovative multimedia technologies, to see its most secret places (from the changing rooms of the Azzuri, Roma and Lazio teams to the playing field) and get thrilled in front of T-shirts, memorabilia and trophies linked to great protagonists and extraordinary moments.


The garden of wonders in Rome is an outdoor oasis of pure fun and adrenaline for the whole family in total safety. There are 25 attractions between rides and games, surrounded by greenery: the Brucomela, the Ferris wheel, the Barcamatta, the Buffoplano. You will be spoiled for choice! New this year is the Great Frisbee, ready to drag the bravest children up and down aboard a rotating flying saucer. 

Forty attractions and seven themed areas dedicated to major film genres: Cinecittà, Rome, Spaceland, Far West, Adventureland, The kingdom of ice and Aquaworld, with the large Cinepool, a mega screen on the water. In addition, six live shows a day and many special events for all ages and tastes. Opening months and times on the official website.

Take a trip to a time 2,000 years ago and spend a day like an ancient Roman. The times of gladiators, emperors and senators aren’t just stories told by touristic guides: they’re experiences you will enjoy first-hand by entering Roma World, an amazing theme park on the Roman countryside, at the south of the city center. The whole place is built as a Roman camp and its village, with plenty of era-appropriate areas and exciting activities for kids. Visitors will get in touch with nature following the practices of 2,000 years in the past, eat and sleep like warriors did, learn to use a gladius and try archery, learn about commerce in the Roman world through the unique shops, see some of the most majestic birds of prey in the world, ride on classic movie Roman chariots and so much more. (Closed in the winter months)

The perfect day-trip from Rome, Zoomarine has myriad amusements and entertainment for the whole family. It is a great combination of marine zoo, water park and amusement park, with swimming and surfing pools, water slides, roller coasters. Zoomarine’s main objective is not only to give infinite fun to its public: it’s about creating awareness about nature and fauna. Which means that animals and natural elements in general are treated with respect. Closed from 2 to 30 November, the park is open during the other months of the year with different timetables.

As you step in through the gates of Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico, you will transported into a whole new realm. Located at the Castle of Lunghezza, a few kilometers from the center of Rome, it is a theme park where imagination, storybooks and legends come to life. It blends theater, entertainment, games and nature together. Visitors will discover the magic of legends, loves, duels and battles along with a multitude of characters, superheroes, princesses and pirates, Snow White, the Smurfs, the Musketeers and more. (Closed in the winter months)


Let's discover the fascinating symbolic animals that hide in the streets of the historic city centre! Among them: the Capitoline Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus; the two Egyptian Lions at the ramp of the Capitol; the little elephant in Piazza della Minerva; the mysterious salamanders of St. Louis of France. Are you ready for an adventurous journey into the myths of Rome?

In a city like Rome, where history pervades every street and every stone, some of the historical figures who populated it alive, still do it in the form of a spirit or ghost. Legend, fantasy or reality, at night, these hidden presences, whose soul is trapped between the world of the living and that of the dead, wander in the places they inhabited. The Pimpaccia on her fiery chariot full of treasures running wildly on Ponte Sisto, Messalina, who wanders on Colle Oppio, Beatrice Cenci, Cagliostro, and many others!

A universal symbol of union and connection between man and the city, bridges represented and still represent a fundamental and powerful strategic means for travel, relationships, and commerce in the history of Rome. Along the Tiber, the river with which the Capital has always maintained a symbiotic relationship, there are dozens which, in addition to being the trait d'union between its banks, are splendid creations of human ingenuity and one of the major attractions of the Eternal City. In a mix of ancient architectures, with structures still viable after millennia, and daring contemporary visions, the bridges of Rome offer us glimpses of unrepeatable beauty and unusual itineraries, where history, nature, and romance merge into unforgettable memories, all to tell. Which of the bridges that cross the Tiber best express the identity of the most loved city in the world? Let's find out together.

Disembodied hands, dark arts, Gothic allusions and haunted souls: we all know Rome is a city of many faces with an endless number of impressive squares, fountains and must-see monuments. And yet, there is also a dark side. Macabre stories, sinister legends and unexpectedly disturbing atmospheres of some corners of the city will make you feel that unmistakable cold shiver down your spine, not just at Halloween. Are you ready to embark on an unusual and terrifying tour to discover seven of the scariest places in Rome?

Twenty meters high and richly decorated, this extravagant lighthouse on the Janiculum Hill is not a reference point for navigation but a work of great symbolic value. It is linked to Italian history, funny Roman sayings and characteristic past habits of roman people!

The rock of betrayal, the geese that saved the hill, a prophetic "owl" that predicted the end of the world and a fabulous hidden treasure: let's find out the fascinating facts related to the most emblematic place in Rome!

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