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Bestiario romano

Uno zoo di pietra - Gatta di Palazzo Grazioli
Bestiario romano

Una passeggiata per le vie del centro storico alla ricerca di animali simbolici

Nasoni, las fuentes de Roma

Nasone in via delle tre cannelle
Nasoni, las fuentes de Roma
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Le caratteristiche fontanelle installate in tante piazze e vie della città

E.g., 05/06/2023
Lunes 05 Junio 2023
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desde 05 Junio 2023 hasta 15 Junio 2023
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desde 27 Mayo 2023 hasta 11 Junio 2023
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Erratico – 30 artisti italiani per un taccuino naturalistico itinerante-Foto: sito ufficiale dei Musei di Villa Torlonia-Casina delle Civette
desde 26 Mayo 2023 hasta 01 Octubre 2023
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Gli approdi del mito
desde 19 Mayo 2023 hasta 30 Junio 2023
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desde 12 Mayo 2023 hasta 01 Octubre 2023
desde 27 Abril 2023 hasta 31 Diciembre 2023
"Roma Live", the first annual program of international major events hosted in the Eternal City, was presented on 26 April in the Sala della Protomoteca of the Capitol in the presence of the mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, the councilor for Tourism, Sport, Major Events and Fashion, Alessandro Onorato, and the councilor for Culture, Miguel Gotor.
desde 10 Mayo 2023 hasta 30 Septiembre 2023
Leonardo da Vinci Airport’s “Summer 2023” kicks off with many novelties at the international level, including necessary confirmations and attractive prospects mainly involving North America and Asia, but not only.
desde 18 Mayo 2023 hasta 30 Septiembre 2023
It is one of Rome’s most beautiful and famous parks, a green oasis in the heart of the city, rich in history, art and culture, offering endless opportunities for Romans and tourists alike to have fun and relax. Even the youngest, thanks to the newly opened space where children can run and play safely.
desde 13 Mayo 2023 hasta 24 Septiembre 2023
An immersive video projection that transports us back in time, letting us relive a long, complex and decisive phase of Roman history that lasted approximately from the 6th to the end of the 1st century BC. In those centuries Rome, then ruled by a republican oligarchy, transformed itself from a small city into the capital of a vast state, first expanding its control over Italy and then gaining hegemony over the Mediterranean and ruling different peoples and civilizations.

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