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Villa Mercede

Villa Mercede

Located between Via Marruccini and Via Tiburtina, in San Lorenzo district, the park of Villa Mercede is a beautiful small garden - about 5000 square meters - nestled between the surrounding buildings.

A chilly and shady environment welcomes you as you enter the park. A cobblestone path flanked by rustic cliffs with niches gives you the impression of entering the woods, raised above the level of the avenue, dense with palms, pines, cedars, and lush plants, arranged on the model of landscape gardens.

The driveway turns to the right, where, in one of the service buildings of the villa, an area library dedicated to the linguist Tullio De Mauro has been set up.

The side of the garden on the opposite side of the driveway has two straight paths flanked by holm oaks.

In 1913, the property belonged to the De Reinach family and Teresa Lemoine. The De Reinach family owned a lot of land outside Porta Tiburtina. Mrs. Lemoine was the religious woman who bought the land in 1907 and then sold it in 1931 to the nearby Institute of the Suore Ausiliatrici.

In 1975, the Banco di Santo Spirito purchased the area, which turned it into a corporate sports center. In 1979, the park opened to the public and, in 1983, the Banco di Santo Spirito definitively sold the portion of the complex that included the villa to the Municipality of Rome.

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POINT (12.514486188123 41.898644055919)

Open from dawn to the dusk

Web site:
Area gioco attrezzata per bambini
Attrezzature sportive
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Villa Mercede, Via Tiburtina, 113
Via Tiburtina, 113
41° 53' 55.1184" N, 12° 30' 52.1496" E


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