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Severian Arches

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The Severian Arches are located on the outermost part of the Palatine, opposite the Circus Maximus. Built during a long period of time, from the reign of Domitian to that of Maxentius, between the 1st and 4th centuries AD, they appear as a double order of vaulted structures supported by brick pillars.

The arches were built to support the expansion of the surface of the hill realizing an artificial plan useful for the construction of a new wing of the imperial palace and today constitute a wonderful example of the expertise of Roman engineers.

From the top of the architectural complex it is possible to enjoy an extraordinary view of modern and ancient Rome: in particular, you can admire the imperial stage and its access corridor built on the Circus Maximus by Domitian and enlarged by Maxentius. The so-called "Stadium", the work of that same architect Rabirio, who was responsible for reconstructing the Temple of Jupiter Capitoline, is also looming in the eyes of visitors. Evocative and full of charm is the play of light and shadow which, especially at sunset, gives the archaeological area an almost magical atmosphere, as if suspended in time.



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Arcate Severiane, Via di San Gregorio, 30
Via di San Gregorio, 30
41° 53' 15.9036" N, 12° 29' 23.82" E


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