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Ponte Sublicio

The current bridge was built by Marcello Piacentini between 1914 and 1917 and is situated downstream of the ancient "Pons Sublicius" that dates back to the seventh century B.C. after which it is named. The bridge was realized using the"sublicae", i.e. wooden boards that could be removed in case of attacks to the city. In fact this happened when the Etruscan king Porsena attacked Rome. While the Roman soldier Horatius Cocles stood up to the enemies, his comrades destroyed the boards. The bridge is 102 m (113 yd) long and 20 m (22 yd) wide and connects Porta Portese with the Testaccio Quarter.


POINT (12.474151 41.883995)
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Ponte Sublicio, Piazza Di Porta Portese
Piazza Di Porta Portese
41° 53' 2.382" N, 12° 28' 26.9436" E


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