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Livia’s House

Casa di Livia

The building was built on the Palatine Hill in the first half of the 1st century b.C., and has been restored in 30 b.C., discovering the actual frescoes.The floors are covered with simple decorations such as black tessera motifs on a white tessera background, and frescoes covering the walls.

The tablinum and triclinium as the main rooms contained the most interesting sequence of paintings. The frescoes feature a low podium under a series of columns splitting the wall and supporting a false coffered ceiling through the perspective, also creating an illusory visual depth. Imaginary perspectives open up in the space between the columns: the middle section features a copy of the famous ancient painting "Me, guarded by Argos and Mercury, who comes to free her", a famous mythological scene painted by Nicia

The wall at the entrance features a painting of the myth of Polyphemus and Galatea, nowadays unfortunately vanished. On both sides other false openings stretch over perspectives of great architecture and imaginary landscapes. The false architectures are decorated with motifs of sphinxes, winged figures and candelabra. In the next room the wall is crossed by festoons and garlands with fruit and framed by a similar series of columns and architectural elements. A framed frieze runs along the entire upper part of the wall: the sketch-like technique and the use of highlights make the egyptian style sequence blurred.

The building is related to Livia, wife of Augustus (even though others consider Livia as the daughter of Tiberius Nero) due to the lead pipes engraved with the name of the owner: IULIA AUGUSTA.


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Casa di Livia, Via di San Gregorio, 30
Via di San Gregorio, 30
41° 53' 14.1612" N, 12° 29' 23.3916" E


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