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Fontana Sallustiana

Fontana Sallustiana

In the Rione Ludovisi, on the corner between Via Leonida Bissolati, Via Sallustiana and Via Friuli, is this precious marble fountain, a masterpiece by sculptor Antonio Mariani, who also designed the nearby INA building.

Soft forms and fantastic animals: a tribute to Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Realised in 1927, based on a design by architect Ugo Giovannozzi, the fountain is a clear homage to the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, highlighted above all by the work's soft and sinuous forms, the presence of fantastic animals, and perhaps its spatial proximity to the Triton Fountain sculpted by the brilliant 17th-century artist.

The secret charm of a hidden masterpiece in the heart of Rome

The location of this striking fountain is indeed far off the usual tourist routes, but its grace and elegance are definitely worth a diversion to admire its magnificent structure.

Marble, iron and magic: the sculptural details of the Fontana Sallustiana

The Fontana Sallustiana consists of a semi-circular basin surmounted by a delightful monumental group depicting two smiling putti seated on rocks while holding a fishing net that traps some decorative elements. Among these you can see shells of different shapes and two fish from whose mouths cross jets of water gush out.

From the scroll-like base of the shell that adorns the large valva, delicately resting on top of the net, emerge two spouts spurting water into the basin.

Two ominous-looking dolphins, of obvious Baroque inspiration, from whose mouths flow the copious jets of water that replenish the pool below, complete the composition, framed by an elegant wrought iron fishing net, enclosed between four marble columns.

“The fountains are enough to justify a trip to Rome,” as the romantic English poet P.B. Shelley said. And he was right because water and fountains have always been an essential part of the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Monumental, scenographic, or unusual, Rome counts more than 2000 fountains: small and great treasures hiding unique stories or legends.

Discover the seven most curious fountains in Rome!

Photo: Redazione Turismo Roma

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Fontana Sallustiana
Fontana Sallustiana, Via Friuli, 00187 Roma RM
41° 54' 21.6864" N, 12° 29' 28.086" E


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