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Cineclub Alphaville

Alphaville Cineclub was born in Rome on a beautiful day in May, the 8th of 2001, after a long reflection that united five friends of different ages and studies, determined to become 'grown up' through the experience of a film association in the heart of a district, the Pigneto, which has formed so much cinema in the world under the sign of neo-realism. Those first years of 'formation' were. Those first years of 'training' were with few resources but a lot of determination and common sense! And so they were and still are the years of the Mini Arena Pigneto, desired. And so they were and still are the years of the Mini Arena Pigneto, wanted by many who felt the lack of art cinema for too long, since the advent of VHS first and then DVDs had closed the many theatres for lack of audience at short distance and all together they gave life to the Festival of film writing, a new annual event in places and spaces 'other', where to bring the cinema of the past and present with its protagonists to a range of viewers really transverse, made of experts but also of 'occasional passengers' ... always together, between memory and brand new paths!

And then cinema, photography and editing courses, the 'Pigneto with Pippi' courses for children in schools, literature evenings in the small villas of the Garden City, cinema parties at Villa Gordiani or at the Acquedotto del Mandrione, the Pasolinian days, the evenings in the cool of the Senior Citizens' Centre, which for some years now has hosted the Arena, the thematic and monographic festivals that have been the protagonists of every autumn/winter week for years, always with vintage cinema and selections 'on the ball', and new formats, the Mondays of Alpha, the digital art galleries, the series of Unknown Masterpieces and the future NEORE' Media Library, the great project under development where we return to the neo-realism from which we started 12 years ago! .


POINT (12.532241 41.890424)

 For the timetable of the events and the access conditions, please contact directly the structure.

Mobile phone: 
339 3618216
Web site:
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Cineclub Alphaville, Via Romanello Da Forlì, 30
Via Romanello Da Forlì, 30
41° 53' 25.5264" N, 12° 31' 56.0676" E


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