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Bertoletti 1882

Bertoletti 1882
Bertoletti 1882
Bertoletti 1882
Bertoletti 1882
Bertoletti 1882
Bertoletti 1882
Bertoletti 1882


A welcoming and intimate place that transforms shopping into an exclusive experience

Craftsmanship and "tailor-made", innovation and tradition are the watchwords of the Bertoletti 1882 fur house, a historic family business, now in its fourth generation.

Situated in the heart of Rome, this atelier-showroom is a welcoming and intimate place, capable of transforming shopping into an exclusive experience, sheltered from the chaos of the Trident.

Made with quality materials by expert craftsmen, their garments are always in step with the times and treated in detail: unique pieces with a contemporary and original flavor.

Always looking for new trends and suggestions, Francesco Bertoletti, owner of the Maison, tells us the story of his business and his Rome.

“This company was founded at the end of the 19th century on Via Nazionale by my great-grandfather. He was a repairer of straw chairs from the Piedmont side of Lake Como, who arrived in Rome after a long journey on foot.
It is a family business: it came to me from my great grandfather, my grandfather, and my father, a literary and jazz pianist who transmitted to me his passion for music. I have deejayed for almost 30 years in clubs in Rome and around the world, since the age of 14.

I started working on the administrative side of Bertoletti in the 80s, then I got interested in the design and the "hidden" activity of our work: the fashion sector is booming. Our atelier becomes part of the Camera della Moda together with the biggest brands of Italian prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture, we organize fashion shows, in which I try to transfer my "artistic" vein, taking care of the musical component.

The shop, with its somewhat old-fashion appearance, wants to communicate respect for the history of the product and tradition, with sophisticated background music and avant-garde music chosen by me personally that give the location an unusual atmosphere.

Our customers choose us because they are looking for the beautiful and the well-made: a unique and exclusive piece and an experience to tell. They want to live a more intimate Rome, far from the chaos of the historic center. Via Vittoria is a beautiful road, and walking here means walking one of the ultimate streets of the city with an artisan vocation, a more selected and niche reality.

Over time, the fur sector has undergone changes and social revolutions, such as the ecological one that has led to a drop in demand and sales. We have adapted to this new context, trying to reach the new generations, and joining the FURBE project.  Together with a big international brand, we have created a product that foresees the reuse and recycling of old furs that we remodel to make it regain its emotional value.

And our workforce is not only "made in Italy" but totally "Made in Rome": a traditional sartorial reality, according to the Bertoletti method that aims to restore value to our national products and the





wisdom of our craftsmen, compared to a mass product and of dubious origin.

In this particular historical moment, companies like ours, of the Historic Shops of Excellence, which have lived through two world wars, the crisis of '29, and other economic upheavals, confirm the active commitment in finding solutions to overcome the difficulties. After all, Italians can react and reinvent themselves to get back into the game, and this is the moment to prove it.".


POINT (12.479305 41.906918)

For opening and closing times, please contact directly the shop.

06 68809946
Web site:
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Bertoletti 1882, Via Vittoria, 16/a
Via Vittoria, 16/a
41° 54' 24.9048" N, 12° 28' 45.498" E


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Bertoletti 1882Bertoletti 1882Bertoletti 1882Bertoletti 1882Bertoletti 1882Bertoletti 1882

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