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Basilica di Nettuno

The basilica was built by Agrippa in 25 BC together with the Pantheon and other buildings, such as the baths and the Saepta (porticoes). After the fire of 80 AD, the basilica was rebuilt at the age of emperor Hadrian. After the collapse of the coverage in the 13th century, the building was continuously spoliated until in the 16th century, when its ruins were used to build the palace of the Accademia Ecclesiastica. Under pope Nicholas V, part of the decoration went to the Vatican (1451-1452). The structure of the basilica is known thanks to many drawings of the 16th century. The building had a rectangular plan and inside, upon a base, was probably the statue of Poseidon-Neptune. In the middle of the basilica was a big semicircular exedra, its apse was covered by a semi-dome. The trabeation had a frieze with dolphins, shells, tridents and plants. On both sides of the exedra were four columns, one of which has been replaced one century ago. Today are still visible the ruins of the walls at the back of the Pantheon. Notes: Visible from the outside


POINT (12.476488 41.898226)

Always visible from outside

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Basilica di Nettuno, Via della Palombella
Via della Palombella
41° 53' 53.6136" N, 12° 28' 35.3568" E


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