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Discovering Rome, between magnificence and history

Discovering Rome, the capital that oozes magnificence and history

No need of big presentations, Rome is often chosen to be the protagonist of films and events and its beauties are known all over the world. It is the capital of the “Bel paese” and of the empire that has marked history, it is the city that keeps enchanting you without being tired of.

As soon as I got to the Lazio capital, a plate of tonnarelli alla carbonara and a good glass of red wine welcome me. At the end of the meal my stomach is full but I still have a lot of Roman typical products to taste. I start the tour in the metropolis to discover new places, with the right precautions, paying attention to always have the mask with me and with respect for the anti-COVID rules that have become part of our daily life for months. In a jiffy I find myself at the Giardino degli Aranci and, shortly after, it's me again enjoying the view in front of the Fontanone del Gianicolo, two places chosen by Sorrentino for the famous film "The great beauty". Majestic city, sometimes magical, always ready to amaze us with some gems. Just like it happens in via Piccolomini, near the via Aurelia Antica, a road that at first glance may seem anonymous but which offers a splendid view of the “Cupolone”. If you walk along the street heading towards St. Peter's, the dome will paradoxically tend to appear smaller and smaller. Magic or optical illusion, the choice is yours, but I reveal to you that the buildings along the street play a decisive role in this game of perspective.

Rome is an open-air museum and the archaeological findings are the proof of its greatness then as now. Boundless as its charm, it oozes magnificence and history from all pores, from all corners, from all pebbles. The historic center is a must: no matter how many times you have already seen Piazza Navona or Campo de' Fiori, the charm is irresistible and timeless. I pass from one district to another, I go to the Monti area and then to Garbatella, I catch the details that the city offers. Like the places and shops that develop in the basements of the buildings, using the spaces that were once dedicated to cellars; fountains with continuously available drinkable water; the bakeries and delis spreading around the city that take out delicacies emanating scents of happiness.

I leave the city context to immerse myself in the Parco degli Acquedotti, certainly one of the most bewitching places in the city I have seen so far. The evocative landscape is framed by the magnificent “Acquedotto Claudio” and the maritime pines tracing a very clear path leading me to where another scene from "The Great Beauty" was shot. The place recalls the expanses in which the Tuscan farmhouses are immersed, more and more kilometers away from the city, with the song of cicadas in the background and the slow rhythms that mark the passage of time. If you are planning the next "Roman Holidays", order a nice “cacio e pepe”, season it with the pleasant company of those who live in the area and (for the most demanding) add a tasty ride on a Vespa through the streets of the center. Your palate will be satisfied as well as your sight. If, on the other hand, you have not yet planned a tour of the Eternal City, you still are in time: after all, all roads lead to Rome.

One More Experience wrote for us

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