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Ciambelline al vino

Of very ancient origin, the wine doughnuts are typical sweets of the Roman Castles, the so-called "mbriachelle" in dialect. 

These homemade biscuits, strongly linked to popular tradition, have an intense flavour and are always prepared with few ingredients usually present in every home: flour, olive oil, wine and sugar.

The doughnuts are crumbly, with an inviting amber or brown colour, covered with sugar crystals and can be kept for a long time in a dry place.

In the past, it was custom to prepare them as a gift for Christmas or celebrations. Today, these aromatic sweets are made all year round and are served at the end of the meal, with a glass of local wine to "dunk" them, in the "fraschette" and typical trattorias of the Roman Castles. 

The doughnuts with wine do not have precise doses but are made "by eye", measuring the ingredients with a glass or a cup.

Here is our recipe to prepare them at home:


Extra virgin olive oil
Wine (preferably from the Castelli Romani)
Baking powder

In a bowl, mix the sugar, a pinch of salt, oil and wine. Add the baking powder and, slowly, the flour, just enough to form a soft, but compact and non-sticky dough.

Knead well, take small balls, and then form cords to roll up on themselves to create many doughnuts. Dip each doughnut thus obtained, only on one side, in a bowl full of white sugar, place on a plate and bake at 180 degrees until they are golden or browned.

Let cool, and serve together with a local wine.


Photo credits: Gambero Rosso Official Website

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