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Gigi Proietti Globe Theatre Silvano Toti

Silvano Toti Globe Theatre

The inauguration of the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre took place at a particularly significant moment for Rome, which with this Elizabethan playhouse celebrated the 100th anniversary of Villa Borghese in 2003, virtually twinning with the city of London, home of the famous Globe Theatre.

The realisation of the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre was made possible thanks to the Silvano Toti Foundation, an association created by the Toti family to honour the memory of Silvano Toti, patron and entrepreneur. In this way, the Foundation intends to give its personal contribution to the cultural growth of the city in which the Toti family was born, also as entrepreneurs, and to which it feels tied and grateful. The creation of the Silvano Toti Foundation and the conception, design and construction of the playhouse of the same name represent a further commitment in the cultural field. Pierluigi and Claudio Toti, through Lamaro Appalti, created, besides other works, the MART - Museum of Modern Art and Cultural Centre of Trento and Rovereto. They were also responsible for the recovery, restoration and cultural and commercial relaunch of the Piazza Colonna Gallery in Rome named after Alberto Sordi.

Respecting the environment and areas of high historical value was the guiding principle in the design and construction of the theatre, which was built with wood from managed and reforested forests and fits fully into the environmental and cultural context of Villa Borghese gardens. The Silvano Toti Globe Theatre, where Elizabethan tragedies and comedies are performed, is a place that, thanks to its architectural features and the essentiality of the scenes, allows a cathartic relationship with the works of English Renaissance theatre, in the evocative setting of Villa Borghese.

By reproducing the characteristic "big wooden O" of the original playhouse, the Theatre aims to be a space for the creativity and imagination of Italian and foreign artists in a multidisciplinary perspective, but also a stage suitable for Elizabethan productions that enhance its happy essentiality and architectural line.  In its peculiar circular structure, with a large rectangular stage covered by a canopy supported by two columns, it imposes naked scenes, thus allowing a cathartic relationship with the works represented, in the evocative setting of a large park.

The Silvano Toti Theatre is not to be considered an imitation of the Globe Theatre in London, nor is there a copy of the original project, but a new, all-Italian venue, in line with our safety regulations, so as to guarantee the public the ideal conditions to attend the scheduled performances.

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Gigi Proietti Globe Theatre Silvano Toti , Largo Aqua Felix
Largo Aqua Felix
41° 54' 52.2108" N, 12° 29' 7.098" E


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