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The Nero aqueduct

Acquedotto di Nerone foto Archivio Comune

The Nero aqueduct, also known as the "Celimontano Aqueduct", winds its arches along a path that from Piazza di Porta Maggiore passes through via Statilia reaching the Celio hill, near the Colosseum

Built by Nero between 54-68 AD. as a branch of the Claudius aqueduct to feed the Domus Aurea, his sumptuous residence, it was extended by Domitian to supply his palace on the Palatine.

The arches still visible in via Statilia are the result of the restorations commissioned by Septimius Severus in the third century.

Photo: Archives of the Municipality of Rome



POINT (12.510594 41.890017)
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Acquedotto di Nerone, Via Statilia
Via Statilia
41° 53' 24.0612" N, 12° 30' 38.1384" E


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