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Technotown, Villa Torlonia's creative science hub, reopens to the public

18 May 2022

After about two years of closure and careful restoration, Technotown resumes activities with a whole new project and a different target audience.

Before a science toy library intended for children and young people aged eight and up who wanted to approach technology through play, Technotown sheds its skin to become a creative factory for girls and boys aged 12 and up.

Housed since 2006 inside Villa Torlonia's characteristic Medieval Villino, Technotown transforms science, technology, ingenuity, art, and mathematics into creative tools to educate how to achieve the impossible, with a particular focus on women protagonists in the world of innovation and scientific research.

In the new facility, with a special entrance fee of 1 euro, young people can approach the world of research and innovation to discover and express their potential and experience pleasant opportunities to meet, compare and cooperate.

Qualified tutors are available to guide young users in courses, talks, and scientific aperitifs and help them find their way through the many creative workshops.

Among them: Pillole elettroniche, dedicated to electronic music; Ricicla pensa crea, for a conscious and sustainable use of the 3D printer; and Calchi e resine a Villa Torlonia. There are also activities related to photography: Alternative photographic printing methods - cyanotype; Upside down - pinhole photography workshop; Camera Oscura - memory in the light; Old School Photography; Portrait Photography in the studio.

The creative factories, designed to create materials and content for use in future scheduled exhibitions, present Officina Sonica, to build electroacoustic instruments; Sneak peek 3d maker, to work and produce with a 3d printer; Calchi resine laser-cutting, to make resin objects; Cianotipia: experiments in color toning; and Crea il tuo pinhole, to turn anything into a camera.

The reopening of Technotown also brings big news, such as the opening of the world's first Podcast House. Created in collaboration with ASSIPOD - Associazione Italiana Podcasting and with the blessing of Adam Curry, inventor of the podcast, the House is the perfect place to discover the world of digital audio content and learn how to create it by telling stories, ideas, and cultures.

The Podcast House is a physical space presenting a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the podcast, monthly in-depth meetings on podcasting culture, and the Podcast Week, the annual training event to create podcasts and an opportunity to meet the most enjoyable podcasting realities in Italy.

The entrance ticket also allows access to the exhibitions set up in the spaces on the ground and second floors, such as the Vintage Memory Tour, curated by Gabriele Catanzaro, scientific manager of the structure. The exhibition proposes a journey from human to machine memory, between vintage technologies and self-made creations, to discover how to observe, represent and narrate the world around us.

In the spirit of creative recycling and a circular economy, the artifacts displayed, including vintage technological objects, reproductions of computing instruments, cameras, space probes, and fossils, come from regenerated old wine crates, drawers of antique furniture, wrapping paper, and old vinyl. The showcases, moreover, are animated: using a QR code, you can listen to mini podcasts that introduce the objects and themes of the exhibition.

Thanks to the idea of collective creation that characterizes all the exhibitions hosted by Technotown, you are not a mere spectator but a protagonist of the narrative with your own story or memory related to the exhibit.

The complete and updated schedule of events is available at

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