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Rome restarts under the banner of sustainable mobility, thanks to Helbiz and Lime

Monopattino a Fontana di Trevi
from 15 June 2020 to 31 December 2020

With zero environmental impact, Helbiz's innovative electric scooters fully meet the needs of citizens and tourists who have seen their habits change due to Covid-19 and the related lockdown period.

The operating principle of the service follows that of bike-sharing started with the Greta pedal-assisted bicycle: download the free mobile application of Helbiz - free on Android and iOS smartphones - locate the nearest vehicle, and unlock it by scanning a QR code located on the handlebar.

The fare is € 1 for the initial release + € 0.15 per minute for the ride. You can also choose to take advantage of a flat rate - Helbiz UNLIMITED for 29.99 euros per month - which allows you to make an unlimited number of daily trips lasting 30 minutes and access to the service also from Telepass Pay with 30 minutes of free rides.

Thanks to the latest government provisions, electric scooters can also circulate on the cycle paths of a large portion of the capital which includes, in addition to the historic center, also the districts of Parioli/Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano/Università, San Lorenzo, San Giovanni, Rione Prati, Trionfale/Medaglie d'Oro, Portuense, Marco Polo, Garbatella/Ostiense, Tor Marancia/Montagnola, Ardeatino, San Paolo / Marconi, and Prati della Vittoria.

In addition to the supply of approximately 1,000 initial latest generation scooters - Segway G30 Max - and the geolocated technological platform, Helbiz takes care of managing, with specially trained staff, all the recharging, sanitizing, maintenance and repositioning activities on the street, in the maximum respect for urban decor.

Lime, the world-renowned brand in the sector of small ecological means of urban transport, also makes 1,000 Gen 3 model scooters available to the Romans and tourists in the areas of the Centro Storico, Esquilino, and San Giovanni, and then, from the third week, will expand the service also in the Parioli-Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano-University, San Lorenzo, Prati, Garbatella-Ostiense districts.

In compliance with government and safety directives for the health of users, scooters are regularly sanitized and maintained. Download the dedicated app to your device, locate the scooter on the map, scan the QR code on the scooter, and unlock it with a button. Once the ride is over, the app shows you how to end the rental and how to park the vehicle.

The cost is of 1 euro upon unlocking, then 25 cents per minute. To save money, you can choose the weekly or monthly LimePass, always accessible through the app. The weekly costs are of 2.99 euros only for unlocking, the monthly goes from 19.99 for 8 trips to 149.99 for 100 trips - usable during three months - plus 30 minutes of free unlocking with any monthly package.

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Monopattino a Fontana di Trevi

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