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Experience the beauty of art with a click: the Virtual Tours of the civic museums are online

Tour Virtuali dei Musei Civici
from 20 September 2021 to 31 December 2021

An unprecedented and highly immersive remote visit: over 300 rooms and thousands of works from 8 civic museums that offer a simulated free itinerary. A digital experience that goes beyond spatial limits to virtually travel and discover the beauty of the city's museums.

The new Virtual tours cover almost the entire museum space. They are enriched with numerous multimedia contents, with 360 ° photographs that can be navigated through a special control panel to move virtually inside the rooms, with explanatory panels of the rooms and works, with commands to zoom and 360 ° rotate the image, video maps, and texts.

The tours of the Capitoline Museums, Ara Pacis Museum, Napoleonic Museum, Trajan's Markets, Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia, Centrale Montemartini, Museum of Rome, and Museo delle Mura are available in both Italian and English.

Thanks to the use of virtual reality, the most innovative technology on the market, you can enjoy the tours from any type of device, even from smartphones and tablets, with additional supports such as special cardboard or VR viewers. This requires a simple web address, which makes them shareable on all social networks and sendable via WhatsApp.

The navigation interface also has new features. Through the "not to be missed" section, a practical visual list of selected works or rooms, you can take advantage of this useful tool if you are new to the museum and or are visiting it for the first time. Just click on the chosen work, and you will be virtually transported to the room that hosts it. The tours are equipped with smart maps that follow you from room to room, indicating the rooms and works not yet displayed.

Last but not least, Capitoline Museums, Ara Pacis Museum, Napoleonic Museum, Trajan's Markets - Museum of the Imperial Fora, and the Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia offer a further novelty. Thanks to next-gen drones, you will be able to fly over the rooms to admire the works from above, enjoying a brand-new and unprecedented perspective of the visit.

The project is promoted by Roma Culture, Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, produced by Zètema Progetto Cultura and implemented by Skylab Studios, with the scientific direction of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.

The Virtual Tours are available at the following web addresses:
Capitoline Museums - tourvirtuale.museicapitolini.org
Ara Pacis Museum - tourvirtuale.arapacis.it
Napoleonic Museum - tourvirtuale.museonapoleonico.it
Trajan's Markets – Musum of the Imperial Fora - tourvirtuale.mercatiditraiano.it
Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia - tourvirtuale.museivillatorlonia.it
Centrale Montemartini - tourvirtuale.centralemontemartini.org
Museo delle Mura - tourvirtuale.museodellemuraroma.it
Museum of Rome - tourvirtuale.museodiroma.it

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Tour Virtuali dei Musei Civici