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Europe's largest Drive-in opens in Ostia

from 30 June 2020 to 15 September 2020

Ostia is home to the great cinema.

From 9 July to 15 September, the external space of the Cineland multi-room in Viale dei Romagnoli becomes the seat of the largest Drive-in in Europe. Safety and distance will be guaranteed in the 60 thousand square meters, ready to accommodate 485 cars and more.

Those who arrive by bicycle, scooter, motorbike or on foot, in fact, have deckchairs from which to comfortably attend the projections on the 30 meters by 15 maxi screen. The audio is transmitted through an FM radio frequency from the car to which you tune in, or on the mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The price is 10 euros per car, which means that if a family of three wants to watch a movie, the cost will always be 10 euros.

A real village to live even waiting for the projections, thanks to the catering service with pizza, fried food, and hot dogs.

The rich programming includes a film every night. To inaugurate the immense Drive-in, Muccino's Gli anni più belli. And then, Checco Zalone, Ficarra and Picone, but also the American films such as Joker and Tarantino's movies. For the little ones, the great Walt Disney successes.

The new Drive-in is dedicated to Paolo Ferrari, who recently passed away. He was the first director of the first Drive-in opened in Italy, at the Axa District, not far from Ostia.

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