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St. Peter’s Dome… The Magical Illusion

La cupola di San Pietro

The view onto the dome of St. Peter’s from Via Niccolò Piccolomini is an experience not to be missed. From here, in fact, the dome may be seen from quite a unique perspective.

Walk along the road, keeping you eye on the dome, and the nearer you get, the further away the dome seems to go. If you move back, the dome, on the other hand, appears to get larger and nearer. It is a magical illusion, a fascinating perspective fooling the eye.

It is all the more effective as the object in question is St. Peter’s dome; a strange optical illusion, which is attributable to the layout of the buildings. A magical illusion making Via Niccolò Piccolomini quite exceptional as well as an ideal spot to end your day out in the city centre or, why not, to make a romantic evening even more special.

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