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Elenchi Professioni Turistiche della Regione Lazio

Are you looking for a guide to show you around Rome?

If you are, then for peace of mind and a guaranteed quality of service, make sure that you have a guide who is legally authorized to do the job.  Most guides work on a freelance basis having first studied and passed a formal exam that qualifies them to work professionally.

Tourist Guide
A tourist guide accompanies individuals or groups to see works of art, museums, galleries and archaeological sites, providing explanations of the history, art and culture as well as information on the various sights - monuments, landscapes and nature – seen during the course of the tour.  Tourist guides are authorized, according to article 8 of ministerial decree DM 565/2015, to work in one of the provinces of Lazio and the Metropolitan City of Roma Capitale and  are legally permitted to exercise their chosen profession in sites of particular historic, artistic or archaeological interest throughout the entire Lazio Region.

Tour Escort
A tour escort  - who must speak at least one foreign language - accompanies individuals or groups on trips around Italy or abroad, ensuring that all arrangements run according to plan as well as providing information and details of touristic interest.

Tourist Interpreter
A tourist interpreter is someone who works with foreign tourists here on holiday, visiting tourist-related events, exhibitions or meetings and in Tourist Information points, translating from one language to another and providing information in a foreign language in situations beyond the scope of tourist guides and escorts.

No minimum, fixed or maximum fees are available for these professional figures as this would limit competition between operators and individuals, so no guidelines to tariffs or payment for the above mentioned touristic professions are planned.


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