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Credenziale del pellegrino e Diploma di pellegrinaggio (Testimonium)

The Credential or the Pilgrim Passport

What it is
The Pilgrim's Credential is a "passport" that the pilgrim fills in during his or her journey, as proof and memory of the journey he or she has made. Presenting it in the most significant stages of the journey, it is possible to receive a stamp, until the completion of the journey.
Since November 2012 it is included in the Pilgrim's Kit (see details in the related sheet below).
Who is issuing it
This credential or passport is issued to the pilgrim directly by the Association to which the pilgrim has turned for their pilgrimage, among which:
> Associazione Europea delle vie Francigene
> Fédération Française Via Francigena
> Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome

Some associations also issue credentials by post. (See details in the web pages above)
Where you obtain the stamp in Rome
In Rome the stamp is received in the sacristy of St. Peter's Basilica.

Certificate of Pilgrimage also called Romeo or Testimonium
What it is

It is a parchment attesting to the completion of the itinerary of faith.
For further details, please visit > here 
How to obtain it
Pilgrims who present the credential complete with stamps and who have made at least the last 100 km on foot will receive the Testimonium.
Where to ask for it
Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi has activated at its office in St. Peter's Square a new Welcome service reserved for all pilgrims travelling on the " Pathways of Europe", the Via Francigene and the Pathways of Santiago. At the St. Peter's office of the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, anyone wishing to embark on the adventure of retracing the historic routes of the Faith on foot, by bus or by car, will receive all the useful information and a set of catalogues containing detailed information and proposals.

Pilgrim's Offices

- Piazza Pio XII, 9 (St. Peter's Square)
- Palazzo del Vicariato Vecchio, Via della Pigna, 13/a (Largo Argentina)

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