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Vlad Dracula - Il Musical

Vlad Dracula - Il Musical

The great musical dedicated to the legendary character of Bram Stoker's novel, the most famous vampire of all time, inspired by the figure of the Prince of Wallachia Vlad III, is back on the stage of the Teatro Brancaccio.

The show, directed by Ario Avecone, presents the great protagonist of 19th-century English literature, cinema and the world's collective imagination in a new and original interpretation against the backdrop of a dystopian late 1800s steampunk universe among passion, the transience of time, alchemy, science, darkness and light.

In the Gothic atmospheres of the small English town of Whitby, the site of arcane deaths and disappearances surrounded by a mysterious fog, the enigmatic and immortal Count Vlad Tepes, tormented by the loss of his beloved first wife, Elizabeth, uses other women, condemning them to damnation, until a chance encounter with Mina Murray, the reincarnation of his adored consort. While the alchemist, Prof Van Helsing, tries to solve the strange and obscure events taking place, the vengeful Countess Justina, the last of Vlad's forgotten brides in time, meets the young journalist Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray's husband, who suddenly disappears after visiting the residence of the rich and ambiguous prince.

On stage is an extraordinary cast, including Christian Ginepro (Prof Van Helsing), Giorgio Adamo (Vlad Tepes), Arianna Bergamaschi (Mina Murray), Beatrice Baldaccini (Countess Justina) and Marco Stabile (Jonathan Harker), perform the thrilling story against the backdrop of spectacular sets, inspired by cult films such as Mad Max, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, and Crimson Peak, immersive lighting and special effects, accompanied by an original Hollywood-style soundtrack, ranging from pop to rock to modern ballads.


from 16 April 2024 to 21 April 2024
POINT (12.500957 41.893716)
06 80687231
Web site: 

Dal 16 al 21 aprile 2024
Martedì 16 aprile ore 20:45
mercoledì 17 aprile ore 20:45
giovedì 18 aprile ore 20:45
venerdì 19 aprile ore 20:45
sabato 20 aprile ore 20:45
domenica 21 aprile ore 17:00

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Vlad Dracula - Il Musical, Via Merulana, 244
Via Merulana, 244
41° 53' 37.3776" N, 12° 30' 3.4452" E

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