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Roma On Fire

Roma On Fire - crediti Roberto Ceccaroni

Roma World, the theme park dedicated to Ancient Rome, presents Roma On Fire, the new evocative evening live show where history comes to life.

Realised in the majestic set of the colossal Ben Hur, the show takes you on an exciting journey back in time through the thrilling challenges, gladiators' fights, chariot races, legions' parade and the great fire of Rome.

On stage, more than 30 extraordinary performers, together with gladiators, legionnaires, handmaids, dancers and horses, accompanied by video mapping and outstanding special effects, bring to life the great history of the Roman Empire through the feats of its great and unforgettable protagonists.

Roma On Fire is an unmissable immersive experience that, in the faithful reproduction of the Circus Maximus, brings you back to the past, two thousand years ago, recalling the atmospheres of exciting films such as The Gladiator, in which General Maximus, returning from victorious military campaigns, undergoes the most difficult trials at the cost of his life to free his beloved wife from captivity and slavery.

It is the perfect opportunity to experience a day as an ancient Roman: from visiting the Legionary village, surrounded by the nature of the Park, to tasting authentic Roman meals in the Taberna, from enjoying the live show to spending the night in a tent in the Castrum, the Legionary Camp.

Photo: Roma On Fire - Credits Roberto Ceccaroni


from 1 June 2024 to 30 September 2024
POINT (12.448842 41.710439)
Online purchase:
Web site:

Grande live show serale
dal 1° giugno al 30 settembre 2024
tutte le sere alle ore 21.00

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Roma On Fire, Via di Castel Romano
Via di Castel Romano
41° 42' 37.5804" N, 12° 26' 55.8312" E

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