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Rapunzel - Il Musical

Rapunzel - Il Musical

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A story of love, friendship, power and magic: Teatro Brancaccio welcomes again the dreamlike musical inspired by the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm of 1812.

Born in 2014 from the idea of the author and director Maurizio Colombi, the show tells the exciting story of the confrontation between the perfidious Gothel, Obsessed with finding a new glow,  and her stepdaughter, the sweet Rapunzel, who, searching for her own identity, will find true love in the thief Phil.

On stage, some original characters − the talking flowers “Rosa and Spina”, the royal guard Segugio with canine features and the Spiegel mirror − a suggestive “cartoon effect” in the costumes, the make-up, the choreography and some mimics, with which the characters on stage are transformed into animated drawings on video.

On the backdrop of the spectacular scenography by Alessandro Chiti, with over 15 constantly moving paintings and extraordinary special effects that transport the audience into an enchanted world, is an exceptional cast of 19 performers, dancers, acrobats and singers. Among them, the splendid Lorella Cuccarini in the role of Gothel, the soprano Silvia Scartozzoni (Rapunzel), the tenor Renato Crudo (Phil), Maurizio Semeraro (the King and Polyphemus) and Giacomo Marcheschi (the storyteller), accompanied by the original music composed by Davide Magnabosco, Alessandro Procacci and Paolo Barillari, directed by Davide Magnabosco, with the choreography by Rita Pivano and romantic costumes by Francesca Grossi.


from 15 December 2023 to 7 January 2024
POINT (12.500957 41.893716)
06 80687231
Web site: 

Dal 15 dicembre 2023 al 7 gennaio 2024

Venerdì 15 dicembre ore 20.15
Sabato 16 dicembre ore 16.00 e ore 19.45
Domenica 17 dicembre ore 17.00
Mercoledì 20 dicembre ore 20.15
Giovedì 21 dicembre ore 20.15
Venerdì 22 dicembre ore 20.15
Sabato 23 dicembre ore 16.00 e ore 19.45
Martedì 26 dicembre ore 16.00 e ore 19.45
Mercoledì 27 dicembre ore 20.15
Giovedì 28 dicembre ore 20.15
Venerdì 29 dicembre ore 20.15
Sabato 30 dicembre ore 16.00
Domenica 31 dicembre Spettacolo Speciale Capodanno ore 21.00
Lunedì 1° gennaio ore 16.00
Mercoledì 3 gennaio ore 20.15
Giovedì 4 gennaio ore 20:15
Venerdì 5 gennaio ore 20:15
Sabato 6 gennaio ore 16.00 e ore 19.45
Domenica 7 gennaio ore 17.00

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Rapunzel - Il Musical, Via Merulana, 244
Via Merulana, 244
41° 53' 37.3776" N, 12° 30' 3.4452" E

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