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Tempio di Adriano

Hadrianeum is the spectacular journey through time made by the scientific popularizer Paco Lanciano.

An installation open to the public aligning with the Luci su Adriano project to make you live an immersive experience in Ancient Rome.

The 22-minute video, proposed inside the Sala delle Grida of the former Stock Exchange, was created for the cultural enhancement of its heritage. Today, the building houses the institutional headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. It was built on the remains of the Temple of Hadrian.

The work is an actual immersive projection on the floor, walls, and ceiling that you travel in space and time, retracing the events that have taken place in the places of the temple and the surrounding area, a mirror of the overall evolution of the city ​​of Rome.

An original projection system gives you the illusion of flying over the city in different eras and moving within monuments, palaces, churches, and squares. A narrator accompanies you in the story, thanks to an audio guide in eight languages.

Hadrianeum is a cultural and cognitive experience that allows you to build a reference map to read, know, understand and better appreciate the place where you are.

A green pass and an identity document are mandatory.


6 July 2021
POINT (12.4791537 41.8999402)
Web site: 

Entrance from Piazza di Pietra
Access only with Green Pass and Identity Card

From Monday to Friday at
Ore 13.15 (first show)
Ore 14.00
Ore 14.45
Ore 15.30
Ore 16.15
Ore 17.00
Ore 17.45
Ore 18.30
Ore 19.15 (last show)

Duration: 22 minutes

Giorni di chiusura 
Sunday, Saturday
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Hadrianeum, Piazza di Pietra
Piazza di Pietra
41° 53' 59.784" N, 12° 28' 44.9544" E

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