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Festival Treccani della lingua italiana VII Edizione

From 25 to 26 May in Rome, the Festival Treccani presents the most relevant themes of Treccani's constant research on the Italian language.

#leparolevalgono: is the starting point of the event, now in its seventh edition, dedicated to reflection and interdisciplinary comparison on the Italian language and its continuous evolution, which focuses, from time to time, on words and themes that signal changes in contemporary society.

This year's key word is sexuality, an omnipresent background and enigma, a crossroads of norms and desires, a place of infinite contradictions. Sexuality is freedom and lack, a terrain of impositions and prohibitions, an object of prudery, but also an adventure, self-expression, an instrument of emancipation and awareness. Indefinable, yet always subject to rules, it is the sphere of encounter, of selfish pleasure as well as of gift, it is a mobile energy that constantly questions us and requires dialogue, with oneself and with the other.

It is an ancient word that, however, goes beyond the old boundaries, places itself and conjugates itself differently than in the past, poses questions, accompanies transformations. It is vital energy, which clashes with prohibitions and customs and induces dialogue and encounter. It is a word about which we seem to know everything, but which is instead to be discovered in its breadth, involving the various spheres of knowledge and creativity, and in the constellation of terms that revolve around it, from love to eroticism, to gender identity, fluid, asexual.

It is in this spirit that linguists, philosophers, psychologists as well as artists, writers and musicians meet to discuss it, ready to compare their views and skills in a collective reflection that investigates the evolution over time of sexuality in Italian society, from historical analysis to debates on contemporary issues such as gender identity, LGBTQIA+ rights and body awareness, passing through the story of its representation in art, literature, pedagogy and the media, sexuality is at the centre of different, even contrasting, views.

The Festival Treccani is an opportunity to get to the heart of contemporary linguistic issues, to discuss the limits and resources of language in relation to collective thought and sensibility.

Among the many personalities - literary scholars, university professors, writers, journalists, artists and musicians - who will be taking part are: Paolo Di Paolo, Folcast, Massimo Bray, Filippo La Porta, Annalisa Ambrosio, Valeria Della Valle, Massimiliano Fiorucci, Paolo D'Achille, Maria Serena Sapegno, Claudio Strinati, Federica Castelli, Carla Noce, Caterina Moro, Gianfranco Bria, Cathy La Torre, Gilberto Scaramuzzo, Monica Carosi, Veronica Pravadelli, Andrea Antonio Verardi.

All events are free admission. In the case of rain, they will take place indoors at the Millepiani Coworking.

The programme, which is subject to change, is available at www.festivaltreccanidellalinguaitaliana.it and www.treccani.it/fondazione.


from 25 May 2024 to 26 May 2024
POINT (12.488810924389 41.861964813375)
06 68982500
Web site: 

Dal 25 al 26 maggio 2024
Piazza Damiano Sauli (quartiere Garbatella)

Programma del 25 maggio > www.festivaltreccanidellalinguaitaliana.it/programma/25-maggio-2024
Programma del 26 maggio > www.festivaltreccanidellalinguaitaliana.it/programma/26-maggio-2024


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Festival Treccani della lingua italiana - VII edizione, Piazza Damiano Sauli
Piazza Damiano Sauli
41° 51' 43.074" N, 12° 29' 19.7196" E

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