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Elvis - The Musical

Elvis - The Musical

The story of the legendary King of Rock 'n' Roll lives on the stage of the Teatro Brancaccio, with the show dedicated to his life and music, written and directed by Maurizio Colombi.  

With its energetic and passionate rhythm, the musical recounts the public successes and private failures of the iconic singer from Tupelo, who, since the 1950s, has profoundly marked eras, musical styles, and the culture of entire generations.   

Against the backdrop of Alessandro Chiti's sets, enriched by videos, a cast of 18 performers, including Joe Ontario (Elvis Senior) and Michel Orlando (Elvis Junior), accompanies the audience on an extraordinary journey, starting from the moment of his death on 16 August 1977, recalled in a 360° video on the world news, and the funeral in Memphis, attended by more than 150,000 people. 

On the notes of Elvis' unforgettable songs, such as Jailhouse Rock, It's Now or Never, Suspicious Mind, My Way, That's All Right Mama, and Always on My Mind, played live, the narration of an incomparable talent begins: from the first demo tape, conceived as a gift to his mother Gladys, to the birth of the myth.


from 11 January 2024 to 14 January 2024
POINT (12.500957 41.893716)
06 80687231
Web site: 

Dal 11 al 14 gennaio 2024
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Elvis - The Musical, Via Merulana, 244
Via Merulana, 244
41° 53' 37.3776" N, 12° 30' 3.4452" E

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