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Yoseikan Budo National Championship

Campionato Nazionale di Yoseikan Budo-Foto: sito ufficiale del Campionato Nazionale 2024 di Yoseikan Budo

For the first time, the 2024 Yoseikan Budo National Championship arrives in Rome at the Palatorrino; the event, organized by the Dojo Yoseikan Budo Roma Città Aperta ASD Committee, also includes the U10/U12 Italian Cup reserved for the smaller Budoka categories and the Italian Serie B Cup.

We also remember a special event, the Yoseikan Champions League, a friendly competition between the major European national teams who face each other in sporting fights and offer a show of high technical level in the field of martial arts. In total there are two days of sport during which the three Yoseikan Budo competitions alternate: 2024 National Championship, U10/U12 Italian Cup, Serie B Italian Cup.

Yoseikan Budo is a Japanese martial art born from the synthesis of the experiences of Hiroo Mochizuki which takes its name from the Yoseikan building and means "The house that righteously teaches the way of the warrior". The main characteristic of Yoseikan Budo is that, in syncretic manner, merges the various disciplines into a single all-encompassing martial art with strong traditional connotations: it proposes a return to the multidisciplinarity of the classical fighting schools of the Japanese Middle Ages, where the young warrior was trained in all the techniques necessary for combat on the battlefield battle: from fighting with bare hands or with long or short weapons, to fencing, or hand-to-hand combat.

Photo credits: Official website of the 2024 Yoseikan Budo National Championship


from 20 April 2024 to 21 April 2024
POINT (12.428287968174 41.815151777848)
Web site: 

Sabato 20 e domenica 21 aprile 2024

Pere il programma consultare il sito della manifestazione www.campionatoitalianoyoseikan.it

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Campionato Nazionale di Yoseikan Budo, Via Fiume Giallo, 47
Via Fiume Giallo, 47
41° 48' 54.5472" N, 12° 25' 41.8368" E

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