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Aflamencados-Foto: sito ufficiale del Teatro Manzoni

The show is about flamenco, one of Spain's best known artistic expressions, a dance full of expressive and emotional intensity.

Of ancient origins, this Andalusian dance has in fact been part of Spanish culture since much time; perhaps the flamenco was born from the fusion of dances and music of the nomads (gypsies), Moors, Jews and Pakistanis who settled in the Andalusian region, near Seville, in the area of ​​Jerez de La Frontera and Cordova. It became very popular in the 1900s, it was danced in public places called tablaos, and is composed of three main elements: baile (dance), cante (song) and toque (the sound of the guitar).

Both professional dancers, Italian but with years of study and experience in Spain, also thanks to a company of exceptional musicians, are able to give us back the true Andalusian spirit of this unique dance, with its sounds, its colors and its beautiful images.

With Mercedes Cortés and José Luís Salguero (cante), Jordi Flores Cajon and Gabriele Gagliarini (toque), Carmen Meloni and Francesca Stocchi (baile).

Photo credits: courtesy of Manzoni Theater official site


16 May 2022
POINT (12.4646564 41.9176675)
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Lunedì 16 maggio 2022
Ore 21.00

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Aflamencados, Via Monte Zebio, 14/C
Via Monte Zebio, 14/C
41° 55' 3.6048" N, 12° 27' 52.7616" E

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