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2020 Art Quadriennal

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

The Art Quadrennial - Quadriennale d’arte di Roma, a major showcase of contemporary Italian art, is returning this year for its 17th edition and taking over the whole 4,000 square meters of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, with Italian architect Alessandro Bava innovatively designing the exhibition display.

The 2020 Rome Art Quadrennial will be curated by Sarah Cosulich and Stefano Collicelli Cagol with the aim of sketching out a new way to read Italian art from the 1960s to the present day and conveying a new image on the international stage. The exhibition’s title, “FUORI” or “OUT”, reflects the curators’ vision: OUT of mind, OUT of fashion, OUT of time, OUT of scale, OUT of the game, OUT of place is an exhortation to free ourselves from common places or categories, to overcome the boundaries between the disciplines, to get out of the physical and mental restrictions that have characterized and complicated the current year by offering that strong and vital signal that culture needs. 

The exhibition will be multidisciplinary (ranging from dance to music, theater, cinema, fashion, architecture and design) and will feature the works of artists at various career stages, including young, mid-career and pioneering artists who have not always found a place in the canonical narration of Italian art, composers, designers, dancers and sculptors. Each will be represented by several works on display. 

Participating artists: Alessandro Agudio, Micol Assaël, Irma Blank, Monica Bonvicini, Benni Bosetto, Sylvano Bussotti, Chiara Camoni, Lisetta Carmi, Guglielmo Castelli, Giuseppe Chiari, Isabella Costabile, Giulia Crispiani, Cuoghi Corsello, DAAR - Alessandro Petti - Sandi Hilal, Tomaso De Luca, Caterina De Nicola, Bruna Esposito, Simone Forti, Anna Franceschini, Giuseppe Gabellone, Francesco Gennari, Yervant Gianikian e Angela Ricci Lucchi, Diego Gualandris, Petrit Halilaj and Alvaro Urbano, Norma Jeane, Luisa Lambri, Lorenza Longhi, Diego Marcon, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Valerio Nicolai, Alessandro Pessoli, Amedeo Polazzo, Cloti Ricciardi, Michele Rizzo, Cinzia Ruggeri, Salvo, Lydia Silvestri, Romeo Castellucci - Socìetas, Davide Stucchi, TOMBOYS DON’T CRY, Maurizio Vetrugno, Nanda Vigo, Zapruder.

The Art Quadriennial is also online on the official website and social channels.


from 30 October 2020 to 18 July 2021
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POINT (12.489504 41.8995108)
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From 30 October 2020 to 2 Maggio 2021 - extended to 18 July
Museums and Cultural Sites are subject at the COVID containment policy.
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Quadriennale d'Arte 2020, Via Nazionale, 194
Via Nazionale, 194
41° 53' 56.166" N, 12° 29' 25.6956" E
Quadriennale d'Arte 2020, Via Piacenza, snc
Via Piacenza, snc
41° 53' 59.3736" N, 12° 29' 21.4296" E
Quadriennale d'Arte 2020, Via Milano, 13
Via Milano, 13
41° 53' 58.2396" N, 12° 29' 22.2144" E
Quadriennale d'Arte 2020, Via Milano, 9A
Via Milano, 9A
41° 53' 58.2396" N, 12° 29' 22.2144" E

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