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Abbazia delle Tre Fontane

The legend tells that the head of the Apostle Paul, after the beheading, made three jumps from which three fountains gushed out. Three churches, part of the Abbey, were built on the site of martyrdom.
The Chiesa dei Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio founded by Onorio (625) and rebuilt by Onorio III (1221) is the largest of the three and is built according to the austere canons of Cistercian architecture. It has a high double sloping façade and a tall and spacious portico with Ionic columns and capitals. The interior, spacious and severe, has three naves on pillars and a rectangular apse.
The Chiesa di Santa Maria Scala Coeli stands on the site where, according to tradition, over ten thousand Christian legionaries would have suffered martyrdom by Diocletian. It consists of a small temple with side chapels and an apse. It is the work of Giacomo Della Porta (1582).
The Chiesa di San Paolo alle Tre Fontane originated from the fifth century but was completely modified by Giacomo Della Porta in 1599.
Inside are the three miraculously gushed fountains and the floor is decorated by a Roman polychrome mosaic with the four seasons (from Ostia). The area adjacent to the abbey was formerly known as the "Acque Salvie" and for a long period it remained deserted as it was considered a malarial area. In 1868 the Trappist fathers planted a eucalyptus forest from which a well-known liqueur is distilled even today. Very important is the Grotta delle Tre Fontane, a sanctuary very frequented by pilgrims, where the apparition of the Madonna took place on April 12th 1947.


POINT (12.481621 41.835736)

SS. Vincenzo e Anastasio
Every day 6.30am-12.30 / 3.00pm-8.40pm
S. Maria Scala Coeli
Every day 8.00am-1.00pm / 3.00pm-6.00pm (7.00pm in summer)
S. Paolo alle Tre Fontane
Every day 8.00am-1.00pm / 3.00pm-6.00pm  (7.00pm in summer)
Visitors are not  allowed  during  Mass (religious services)
For services schedule please refer to:
Opening times are subject to change. Please refer to the Church

+39 06 5413395
+39 06 5401655
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Abbazia delle Tre Fontane, Via Acque Salvie, 1
Via Acque Salvie, 1
41° 50' 8.6496" N, 12° 28' 53.8356" E

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