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A call to tell stories about Rome

Una call per raccontare Roma
from 4 December 2019 to 31 January 2020

Rome is unknowable, it reveals itself over time and not entirely: it has an extreme reserve of mystery.
Ennio Flaiano

Telling a city is a monumental undertaking: you always have the impression of having missed something, of not having said everything you wanted or of not having done it with the necessary attention.

Telling a city like Rome makes that venture almost impossible because Rome is just as the writer Flaiano said: unknowable and revealing itself over time and not entirely.

We want to try to tell a little more, to go beyond the narration of monuments, museums and iconic images, to look at the city reflected in your eyes: the way you enjoy the city you are living in, the way you describe it on your blog, to offer an unpublished and unusual story, a glimpse of your secret city.

It can be an itinerary, a place, an experience: you can choose to tell the city as you prefer, to share your personal idea of Rome with the readers of our website TurismoRoma and our social channels.

If you want to join in, write to redazione.turismo@comune.roma.it and present your blog, sending your proposal. We will evaluate its originality and consistency with the narrative line of our site, to avoid overlaps or possible dissonances with what is already in it.

Contribute with your own words to show us Rome and its wonder!

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Una call per raccontare Roma

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