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Rome is confirmed as the favourite destination for European tourists

from 7 October 2019 to 31 March 2020

Based on specific experiences lived in the destination, 88.4% of travellers prefer the Capital to cities like Paris, Berlin, London and Amsterdam.

These data emerge from the research commissioned by UniCredit to Travel Appeal, entitled Rome and other European capitals: analysis of travel experiences to increase visitor satisfaction which examined over 613,000 reviews of tourists, divided into sub-categories : experiences, attractions, museums and parks.
Rome with 88.7% is the most appreciated by tourists especially for the attractions that, thanks to its historical and artistic heritage, it manages to offer tourists. Museums, on the other hand, are appreciated by 85.7% of tourists.

With 88.4%, the reputation of Rome exceeds, in terms of general satisfaction, Berlin, second with 87.6%, Amsterdam (87.3%), Paris (86.7%) and London (77.9%). Furthermore, the study showed that the general satisfaction of the people who stayed in the tourist facilities of the Capital in 2018 stood at 84.7% of positive sentiment (the indicator that reflects the perception of the accommodation structures taking into consideration the reviews recorded on the major portals), up from 81.9% last year.

"The data that emerged from the analysis of Travel Appeal shows the positive sentiment of the visitors who choose Rome, first in the ranking in the top five of the European capitals. Evidence that, while on the one hand confirms the validity of the strategies developed so far to increase the quality of our tourist offer, on the other it drives us to set new goals, with a view to sustainable, responsible and quality tourism ". Carlo Cafarotti, Assessore allo Sviluppo economico, Turismo e Lavoro of Roma Capitale.

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