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Piè di marmo

In Via di Santo Stefano del Cacco there is an enormous marble foot (“Piè di Marmo”) – the sandaled left foot of a huge statue of a female deity from the nearby temple dedicated to the Egyptian gods Isis and Serapis (the Iseo Campense). During the Middle Ages the marble foot lay at the junction between Via del Piè di Marmo and Piazza del Collegio Romano, and it was moved to its present position in 1878 on occasion of the funeral ceremony of King Victor Emanuel II. In the same street there was the three-vaulted arch, known as of Camilloor of Camigliano, which formed the entranceway to the Iseo Campense and destroyed between 1585 and 1597. Further evidence of the presence of the temple dedicated to the Egyptian gods is the name “Cacco” given to the street and to the church dedicated to Saint Stephen during the Middle Ages. This derives from the presence in the area of a statue of Egyptian origin depicting a baboon and called “il Cacco” (from macacco, or macaque monkey), which was moved to the Capitol in 1562 and has been housed in the Egyptian collection of the Vatican Museums since 1838.


POINT (12.479511 41.897077)
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Piè di marmo, Via Santo Stefano del Cacco
Via Santo Stefano del Cacco
41° 53' 49.4772" N, 12° 28' 46.2396" E

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