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Teatro Belli in streaming!

Teatro Belli in streaming

Due to the pandemic, the Teatro Belli, one of the oldest and most beloved theaters in Rome, had to cancel the in-person shows scheduled for the 2020/2021 season. After over 40 years of uninterrupted productions, the historic institution does not stop and has decided to continue broadcasting some of the shows in streaming.

From 12 to 21 February 2021 - Chi ruba un piede e fortunato in amore, a comedy by Dario Fo

The growing building speculation during the 60s in Italy is the occasion to stage the myth of Apollo and Daphne - the beautiful nymph who, pursued by the womanizer god, is transformed by her father into a tree - offers the comic starting point of the comedy. Apollo is a taxi driver who invented a brilliant scam; Daphne is a beautiful lady who doesn't mind betraying her husband.

From 22 to 28 February 2021 - Cattivi e cattivissimi nel teatro shakespeariano by Luigi Lunari with Antonio Salines

The deformed and bloodthirsty Richard III, Macbeth the traitor and his wife, Henry V, and villains such as Aron from Titus Andronicus but also Hamlet, who causes the death of all those around him In short, the bad and the very bad protagonists of Shakespeare's theater come to life on stage.

Tickets can be purchased, for € 5.00, on the theater website by selecting the show and the chosen date. Upon receipt of the password, via WhatsApp or SMS, the representation will be visible by clicking on the "streaming" button at 9.00 pm on the selected day, by entering the password received. The videos will be available until midnight.


from 1 January 2021 to 28 February 2021
Mobile phone: 
WhatsApp 06 5894875
Web site: 

Fino al 28 febbraio 2021

Ore 21.00

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