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Festival della Letteratura di Viaggio 2021

An invitation to travel and discover places and cultures not necessarily far from us: the festival on travel literature is back until 21 September, with some more events in autumn (#FuoriFestival21, still to be defined) .

Now in its twelfth edition, the festival explore the world through different disciplines and forms of storytelling of travel, people and contexts, landscapes and humanity: from geography to anthropology, from literature to journalism, from photography to cinema, from television to comics. The events are hosted by several locations including Palazzetto Mattei (headquarters of the Italian Geographical Society) in Villa Celimontana, Casa delle Letterature, Casa del Cinema, MAXXI, Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Palazzo Merulana, the Archaeological Park of the Appia Antica, Bioparco.

The events are divided into six main categories – TALKS (meetings-conversations), AWARDS (the Kapuściński Award for reportage and the Navicella d’Oro Italian Geographic Society Award), LABS (workshops for adults and children), WALKS (thematic walks also at night, on foot or by bicycle), READINGS (interpreted by authors and actors), MOVIES (with the screening of Werner Herzog’s films inspired by Bruce Chatwin) – with intersections and mixes. All events are free, upon reservation through the festival website, in compliance with the anti-Covid legislation, but they can also be followed in streaming and through the various social channels (deferred).


from 7 September 2021 to 21 September 2021
Web site: 

Dal 7 al 21 settembre 2021

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