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BauBeach® - Maccarese

Baubeach® - The beach for free and happy dogs

For over 25 years, Baubeach®, the famous beach for people accompanied by dogs, has been offering educational, holistic, and cultural activities to better enjoy the Summer with your furry friend, kissed by the sun.

This year, Baubeach® has equipped the beach to guarantee peaceful coexistence in complete freedom in an area generally conceived for dogs: the equipment is arranged elliptically to enter the dog's perspective and make the most of all its 7000 square meters, with an entire field of movement and interaction between guests in the empathetic relational sports area, wild in its conception and innovative in its contents, in the space for the very young, and the Cocoon area, for people and "differently young" dogs, who need to have a more private accommodation.

The program offers Empathic Relational Activities with dogs, Yoga courses, also for seniors, SUP Yoga, and SUP and holistic activity workshops.

The gastronomic proposal is Vegan OK certified to bring people closer to a diverse concept of nutrition for the Planet and its Inhabitants.

For the regulation, the complete program of activities, and the news of the Baubeach Summer, consult



For timetables and admission methods, consult the official website

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349 2696461 - 339 3614861
06 94428716
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