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Sport ai margini. Voce ai protagonisti

Making sports can change your life: it is a means for personal empowerment, it teaches loyalty and respect, it helps to overcome limits through commitment. But it is also a vehicle for inclusion, a tool for promoting social changes and redemption.

To tell the distance between peripheries or secluded areas and the great sports stages, the Biblioteche di Roma, Palestra Popolare Quarticciolo, Biblioteca and Teatro Quarticciolo, with the patronage of the fith Rome's Municipality, involved professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to understand together, through the dialogue, the challenges that we have to overcome, starting from an urban periphery as from a provincial pitch, before reaching the highest levels.

Basketball, boxing, swimming, football, tennis, mixed martial arts: six sports, six expressions of talent and application to which the six live streaming events of the initiative are dedicated, visible on the Biblioteche di Roma Facebook and YouTube pages and on the Biblioteca Quarticciolo Facebook page, every Saturday at 6pm until 26 June. On 29 May and 19 June the events will take place in the recently redeveloped Parchetto Modesto Di Veglia in via Ugento 30.


from 22 May 2021 to 26 June 2021
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Dal 22 maggio al 26 giugno 2021

Tutti i sabati alle ore 18.00

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