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The Resistant - Festival of Memory and Liberation

La Resistente - Festival della Memoria e della Liberazione-Fonti: sito ufficiale del Museo storico della Liberazione di Roma

The Historical Museum of the Liberation of Rome organizes two days of meetings, shows and guided tours within its spaces with The Resistant - Festival of Memory and Liberation. The internal and external spaces of the historic building in via Tasso 145 - which during the months of the Nazi-fascist occupation of Rome were the headquarters of the Command of the Security Service of the SS, under the leadership of Colonel Herbert Kappler - thus become, thanks to this initiative, site of the first edition of a festival that offers food for thought together with entertainment.

It’s an initiative dedicated to the divulgation of the history of the Resistance in Rome during the Nazi-fascist occupation, according to a perspective that looks at that historical period and its events from a more popular point of view, of the unknowns who make up society; a story therefore, made from below which intertwines lives and events that have remained in the history books as evidence of the past.

The Festival includes guided tours, meetings, shows and concerts with: Jasmine Trinca, Nando Citarella and the Drums of Vesuvius, the Bartolini/Baronio company, Alessandro Portelli, Schola Romana and many others.

Foto. Hstorical Museums of the Liberation of Rome


from 10 June 2023 to 11 June 2023
POINT (12.506031 41.889565)
Online reservation:
Web site:

10-11 giugno 2023
dalle 10.00 alle 22.00

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La Resistente - Festival della Memoria e della Liberazione, Via Tasso, 145
Via Tasso, 145
41° 53' 22.434" N, 12° 30' 21.7116" E

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