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Panettone Maximo 2023

Panettone Maximo 2023

Flour, sugar, eggs, butter, sourdough, sultanas, candied fruit, and Michelin stars: this is the perfect mix of ingredients for an announced success at the Salone delle Fontane, a real jewel set among the elegant rationalist architecture of EUR district.

The most iconic Christmas sweet returns to Rome for a fifth edition full of novelties, including starred show cooking, free tasting, solidarity, and an unmissable contest: Panettone Maximo, which among the forty-two bakeries and patisserie competing from all over the peninsula - in previous editions the event was regional - will elect the "best artisan panettone in Italy" in the classic and chocolate categories.

Succulent and fluffy, made with great skill and excellent raw materials to meet even the most demanding palates, the panettone will be evaluated according to the specifications set out in the decree issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance on 22 July 2005, entitled 'Discipline for the production and sale of certain bakery confectionery products,' which specifies the compulsory ingredients, optional ingredients, and the production process of certain typical sweets, including panettone, 'a soft dough bakery product obtained by natural fermentation from sourdough, with a round base, a characteristically cracked upper crust, a fluffy structure with elongated alveolation and the typical aroma of sourdough leavening.'

Four other awards - Miglior Packaging, Miglior Comunicazione Digitale, Premio della Stampa Estera (Best Packaging, Best Digital Communication, Foreign Press Award) - will be assigned by competent juries of authoritative experts in the sector, great pastry chefs of national and international fame, and Premio del Pubblico (Audience Award), directly by the people attending the event.

As in previous editions of Panettone Maximo, the Pastry Chefs from prestigious starred restaurants - Francesco De Padova, Ristorante Santa Elisabetta, Florence (2 Michelin stars); Iside De Cesare, Ristorante La Parolina, Trevinano/VT (1 Michelin star); Ferdinando De Simone, Hotel-Ristorante Lorelei, Sorrento/NA (1 Michelin star); Giovanni Fedeli, Ristorante-Resort La Madernassa, Guarene/CN (1 Michelin star) - will perform irresistible live cooking shows to propose their delicious and sweet recipes with the unmistakable taste of artisan panettone. The show cooking will be preceded, at 2 p.m., by the four-handed performance between ice cream maker Stefano Ferrara and milk-artist Fabiano Bucci, who will present an ice cream inspired by panettone and a milk and cream cocktail to match.

Also, this year, Panettone Maximo has its Christmas Market of excellence to taste and buy panettone and other typical Christmas craft products such as pandoro, torrone, chocolate for all tastes, truffles, honey, bitters, wines, and bubbles.

Elves, lots of candyfloss, and Santa Claus for classic souvenir photos await your children in the Kids Area set up for the occasion.


3 Diciembre 2023
POINT (12.4706527 41.8368672)
Online purchase:
Web site:
Mobile phone: 
338 4265856

Sunday 3 December 2023
From 11.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

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Panettone Maximo, Via Ciro il Grande, 10
Via Ciro il Grande, 10
41° 50' 12.7212" N, 12° 28' 14.3508" E

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