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Rome History Festival

Roma Storia Festival

Piazza di Pietra, with the Temple of Vibia Sabina and Adriano are the evocative background of the Rome history festival, an event promoted and organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, conceived and by the Laterza Publishers with the patronage of Roma Capitale Department of Culture. Nine free appointments, three hours for each evening, with some of the most authoritative and important Italian historians. The theme of the event is "The world in Rome", a sort of journey through time that takes us back to the time when the capital was at the centre of the world and how it continues to be, from many points of view. Among the main events, we remember: the opening night in which Andrea Giardina tells about all the broad meaning contained in the expression "history of Rome" and how the world flowed into Rome at the time of Augustus or Trajan. Following the archaeologist Andrea Carandini talks about the cultural influence of the Hellenistic East not only on Roman customs and religion, but above all on art and architecture. Alessandro Barbero, on the other side, tells us about Christmas Eve in the year 800 AD, the date on which the king of the Franks was crowned emperor in St. Peter's by Pope Leo III. It’s a fundamental event both in the history of Europe and in the history of Rome, symbolizing the birth of a new era: Charlemagne gives life to an empire that goes from the Baltic to southern Italy and which has the Mediterranean as its border: Europe as it has come to shape in the last centuries.

>Program of the 30th of September
>Program of the 1st of October
>Program of the 2nd of October

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desde 30 Septiembre 2022 hasta 2 Octubre 2022
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Dal 30 settembre al 2 ottobre 2022
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Roma Storia Festival, Piazza di Pietra
Piazza di Pietra
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