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Journeys through Ancient Rome - 2 stories and 2 routes

After the success of previous years, the extraordinary project Viaggi nell'antica Roma (Journeys in Ancient Rome) returns from 10 June to 2 October 2022. Through two exciting multimedia shows, it recounts and brings to life the history of the Foro di Augusto and the Foro di Cesare.

The project is promoted by Roma Culture, Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali and produced by Zètema Progetto Cultura. Conceived and curated by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano with the historic collaboration of Gaetano Capasso and with the Scientific Direction of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina.

The public can once again enjoy an exciting and at the same time informative performance of great historical and scientific rigour, accompanied by Piero Angela's voice and the vision of magnificent films and projections that reconstruct the two places as they were in ancient Rome.

The two shows - which can be listened to in 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese) - have different modalities of fruition and are carried out in compliance with the current regulations on measures to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19.

For the Foro di Augusto there are three performances each evening (duration 40 minutes), while for the Foro di Cesare it is possible to access it every 20 minutes (itinerant route in four stages, for a total of about 50 minutes, including travelling time).

Tickets can be pre-purchased online at or directly on site and at Tourist Infopoints. Holders of the MIC card and Roma Pass will receive a reduced entrance fee.


The spectacle at the Foro di Augusto can be watched while seated on stands set up along Via Alessandrina. Through a multi-projection of lights, images, films and animations, Piero Angela's story dwells on the figure of Augustus, whose gigantic statue, a good 12 metres high, was kept next to the temple dedicated to Mars Ultor. With Augustus, Rome inaugurated a new period in its history: the imperial age was, in fact, that of the great rise that, in the space of little more than a century, led Rome to reign over an empire stretching from present-day England to the borders of present-day Iraq, encompassing most of Europe, the Middle East, and all of North Africa. These conquests led to the expansion not only of an empire, but also of a great civilisation made up of culture, legal rules, and art. In all parts of the empire traces of that past still remain today, with amphitheatres, baths, libraries, temples, roads.
 After Augustus, other emperors such as Nerva and Trajan left their mark in the Imperial Forums by building their own Forum. Rome at that time had more than a million inhabitants: no city in the world had ever had a population of that size. It was the great metropolis of antiquity: the capital of economy, law, power and entertainment.


The show inside the Foro di Cesare is a tour around the Foro di Cesare. It can be reached from the staircase next to Colonna Traiana and then crosses the Foro di Traiano on a specially built platform. Through the underground tunnel of the Fori Imperiali one then reaches the Foro di Cesare and continues on to the Curia Romana.
Piero Angela's story, accompanied by reconstructions and films, starts from the history of the excavations carried out between 1924 and 1932 for the construction of the then Via dell'Impero (today Via dei Fori Imperiali), when an army of 1,500 workers, labourers and builders was organised for an extraordinary project: to demolish an whole district and excavate the whole area to the depths of ancient Rome. Then we enter the heart of history, starting with the remains of the majestic Temple of Venus, built by Giulio Cesare after his victory over Pompeo, and we can relive the excitement of life in Rome at the time, when officials, plebeians, soldiers, matrons, consuls and senators strolled under the porticoes of the Foro. Between the arcades, the tabernae from that time, the offices and shops of the Foro can be seen again, including the shop of a nummulario, a kind of exchange office of the time. There was also a large public toilet at the time, the remains of which have been curiously preserved. To build his Foro, Giulio Cesare had a whole district expropriated and demolished at a total cost of 100 million aurei, the amount of at least 300 million euro. Next to the Foro he built the Curia, the new seat of the ancient Senato Romano, a building that still exists today and that through a virtual reconstruction can be seen as it appeared at the time.
In those years, while Rome's power was growing by leaps and bounds, the Senato was greatly weakened, and it was precisely in this situation of internal crisis that Cesare was able to obtain exceptional and perpetual powers. Thanks to Piero Angela's account, we will be able to learn more about this intelligent and ambitious man, idolised by some, hated and feared by others.

The organisation reserves the right to cancel all or part of the shows in the event of bad weather, technical problems and in compliance with any measures issued by the competent authorities to deal with the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency.



desde 10 Junio 2022 hasta 2 Octubre 2022
POINT (12.487 41.893327)
Web site:


performances every evening
10 June - 31 July: 21.15; 22.15; 23.15
1 - 31 August: 21.00; 22.00; 23.00
1 September - 2 October: 20.15; 21.15; 22.15

Performance time: 40 minutes per performance
Places available: max 188 people per performance
Location: Fori Imperiali - Foro di Augusto Via Alessandrina, largo Corrado Ricci side
The ticket office opens one hour earlier


performances every evening, every 20 minutes
10 June - 31 July: from 21.00 to 23.00
1 - 31 August: from 20.40 to 23.00
1 September - 2 October: 20:00 - 22:20
In case of rain, the performances are suspended.
Performance time: 50 minutes
Places available: max. 50 people per performance (every 20 minutes)
Location: Fori Imperiali - Foro di Cesare Access from the staircase at the entrance to the Foro di Traiano, near the Colonna Traiana
The ticket office opens one hour earlier

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Viaggi nell’antica Roma - 2 storie e 2 percorsi, Via dei Fori Imperiali
Via dei Fori Imperiali
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