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Tripadvisor crowns Rome as the best destination for food lovers

Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere
desde 25 Enero 2022 hasta 30 Septiembre 2022

For the Travellers' Choice Awards 2022, Rome has no equal in the world when it comes to food. The ranking of Tripadvisor, the authoritative platform where tourists review their travel experiences, has identified five good reasons: the coda alla vaccinara (stewed oxtail), the artichokes alla Giudia, the fresh pasta, the coffee, and the ice cream.

Roman cuisine is not only an incomparable gastronomic reality that caresses the palate with its specialties but makes a primary and necessary act, a unique experience blending its tasty recipes with the extraordinary beauty of the Capitoline antiquities. In short, in Rome, eating means not only savouring the best flavours in the world but doing it in an unrepeatable context that has a lot to tell.

Roman cuisine has a strong identity that over the centuries has maintained intact a culinary heritage that is a must for anyone who chooses the magic of the sights, colors, and scents of Rome and its excellences made of raw materials of the highest quality.

Among the favourite recipes of the Travellers' Choice Awards, we mention the Coda alla vaccinara, a "poor" but a succulent and tender dish, and a part of the famous Fifth quarter (the offals), all the innards or less valuable cattle and sheep parts; one of the most appreciated dishes ever. In the list are also the artichokes alla Giudia, a crunchy and fragrant delicacy originating from the millennial fusion between two ancient gastronomic realities, the Jewish and the traditional Roman cuisines that, over time, have given rise to the creation of unique and unmistakable dishes.

Coming to Rome, therefore, from now on does not only mean immersing oneself in the millennial history of one of the most beautiful cities in the world but also savouring the uniqueness and creativity of a rapidly growing sector, food, a fundamental asset for living one's personal experience "in a Roman sauce."

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Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere