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Cosmowomen. Places as Constellations

Initially planned for June 2020, the exhibition curated by the Spanish architect Izaskun Chinchilla is sited in the gallery’s Salone Centrale, with a focal point of three huge and evocative structures inspired by the so-called armillary spheres that were used in antiquity to study the earth, the cosmos and the relationships between celestial bodies. Made of eco-sustainable material, each sphere indicates a place (the intimate space, the natural one, the public one) that has played an important role in the construction of the common culture of women, representing a place of aggregation but also of exclusion or segregation: the Gynaeceum, the Onsen (thermal bath in Japanese) and the Parliament.

Inside them, and on the walls of the hall, there are numerous sub-spheres with which the new generation of female architects present alternative models of designing as well as relating to space, other human beings and the planet, offering reflections on forms of living, co-living and collaboration. By selecting 71 projects and 283 renderings and drawings, the exhibition presents the work of 65 female architects coming from over 20 countries, who have graduated from the prestigious Barlett School of Architecture in London in the last ten years. The fundamental hypothesis of the exhibition is that the full integration of women in the professional and academic field of architecture would generate new places of reflection or consolidate and expand the existing ones, by ultimately intensifying the relationships between those places and by creating a sort of a constellation.


desde 21 Junio 2021 hasta 10 Octubre 2021
POINT (12.482291 41.916317)
POINT (12.4809488 41.9177367)
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Dal 21 giugno al 10 ottobre 2021
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Cosmowomen. Places as Constellations, Viale delle Belle Arti, 131
Viale delle Belle Arti, 131
41° 54' 58.7412" N, 12° 28' 56.2476" E
Cosmowomen. Places as Constellations, Via Antonio Gramsci, 71
Via Antonio Gramsci, 71
41° 55' 3.8532" N, 12° 28' 51.4164" E

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